iOS has to standardize its Operating Systems for better Market Share

Apple iOS
  • Windows desktops/laptops have recorded a high percentage of operating system shares.
  • iOS 13.5.1;eu.U tablet has recorded more percentage than other versions.
  • Android mobile phones gained more operating system shares than iOS.

NetMarketShare is an organization which tracks the usage share of web technologies and it detects technology to provide the most accurate view of web technology usage share and they eliminate bots and fraudulent traffic from data. They shared the records of market shares of Desktops/laptops, tablets and mobiles and their versions

Desktops/laptops operating system shares for Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS and Linux were recorded on the market share report, Windows beings the recorded the largest number of percentage from 2019 September, gained about 7% to reach 87,62% recorded in August 2020. Mac OS is the second with 9,4% and gained about 2%. Chrome OS and Linux gained less than 2,5%. The market share recorded the system operating shares for the desktop versions, Windows 10 has recorded 56,42% and the Windows 7 recorded 26,03% probably it’s because the version was phased out early days of January 2020.

The organization shared the record of shares of the Operating System by the version of the following four platforms: Mac OS X 10.15, Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 from September 2019 to August 2020. Windows 10 was recorded 56,42%, Windows 8.1 was recorded at 3.21%. The operating systems share of Mac OS 10.15 raised from 2% in February 2029 to 3.49% by August 2020. Windows 7 has lost 3,07% of the operating system share since September 2019 probably because the system was phased out in January 2020.

The NetMarket Share also recorded the operating system shares for tablets and tablets versions. Android, iOS,iPadOS and web OS.iPadOS shares recorded were 31,96 after gaining more than 17% since January 2020. Android lost more than 22% since September 2019 probably the market was affected by different types of Android devices.iOS 13.5.1;eu.U tablet has recorded more percentage than other versions on operating system shares. It gained more than 10% from April 2020 and was recorded 21% in August 2020.iOS 12.4 version has lost about 14% of its operating system shares from September 2019 to January 2020.

NetMarketShare also researched the operating system shares of mobile versions, Android and iOS.Android was recorded high percentages of market shares as compared to iOS, the recorded results showed that Android 10.0 gained about 3% and were recorded while iOS 13.3 lost more than 20% of its operating system shares from March 2020 and was recorded 4%, probably it’s because of the quantity produced by the Android and iOS manufacturers which is contributing to the results of operating system shares.

The results of operating system shares recorded by the NetMarketShare organization displays that the percentages of the devices and the versions were not the same probably its because the manufacturers always upgrade the version so that the users will benefit from the latest operating system hence the devices doesn’t change unless or otherwise it is phased out.