CBZ bank customers can review bank statements over e-banking

  • Customers review the statement of the last three transactions,
  • Customers can view the balance,
  • CBZ bank can send the requested statement to the customer’s email.

CBZ bank has introduced a better way to help its customers with more improved banking services through e-banking accessed via the bank’s website: www.cbz.co.zw, the service allows customers to review their bank statements instantly and the bank will send the copy to the customer’s email.

By simply visiting the CBZ bank website, one can get access to your CBZ bank account and review the bank statement ofter filling your account credentials, they should first click on Internet Banking option menu, for balance checking one should click on My Net Worth. On the main menu, to view the last three transactions of the account, customers should select Recent Activity option.


To view the 30-day statement, customers should click on Accounts followed by Current Savings then View Statement, to see the next transactions one should select proceed and view the last 10 transactions, to view older transactions one should select a page so that he or she can view multiple transactions. Internet banking is helping people recalling their transaction, although most banks will send an SMS notification after every transaction, for some reason, people will end up losing the information in their mobile phones.

CBZ Internet Banking will provide the statement of the transactions done more than a month ago, this should be done as a request so one has to click on Request statement and thereafter they should enter period to be viewed and lastly click confirm, the Bank will automatically send the requested statement to the customer’s email address which was registered with the bank when he/she opened the CBZ bank account.

Most Zimbabwean banks are digitalizing their services to improve customers convenience, digitalization saves time especially when customers are required to produce their bank statements on some occasions.

People should always keep their credentials safe and avoid sharing their passwords.


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