The Global Pandemic Hit Zimbabwe’s Postal and Courier sector

  • Postal and courier revenues declined.
  • Market share for international couriers
  • Total of postal and courier volumes decline

The results of the second quarter of 2020 recorded by the Postal and Telecommunications Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), reviews that Zimbabwe’s Postal and Courier Section has declined as compared to the 1st Quarter of 2020. The COVID -19 pandemic being the controversial part of the recorded results.

According to POTRAZ, Market share for international courier for Zimpost, DHL, FedEx, UPS, Skynet, and Courier connect. International postal and couriers are the source of income for postal and courier operations, however, the production of market shares declined as individuals and businesses started to operate electronically when sending documents locally or internationally.


Zimpost recorded 67.3% on international incoming postal and courier and DHL recorded 6.7% and while on the out-coming postal and courier, DHL was recorded 56.0% and Zimpost 16.3%.

In addition to the decline of the market shares for international postal and courier recorded by POTRAZ, mainly focused on Zimpost, DHL, FedEx, UPS, Skynet, and Courier connect, there was a decline for both international incoming and out-coming courier because cross-border exchanges worldwide have dropped by 21% since the outbreak of the COVIDD-19, for all international mail classes (letters, parcels and express mail), as stated by the Universal Postal Union.

Postal and courier revenues declined by 2.1% to record ZWL69.4 million from ZWL 70.9 million. The results were likely to be caused by the pandemic since the total cost grew up by 13% to record ZWL 58.7 million from ZWL 51.9 million during the period where people were engaged in using mail to send documents, letters to and from the diaspora.

Postal and Courier’s volumes declined by 69.4%, postal and courier volumes decline from 83.9% which was recorded in the first quarter and recorded 14.5% in the second quarter, these results have also affected the revenues which recorded a decline for the first time.

In the period reported by POTRAZ, the Domestic postal letters and domestic Courier were reported. A very few numbers of individuals who were posting letters over the period under review. The total decline recorded was -82.7% while in the first quarter it was recorded -1.1%. This might be the cause of the lockdown issues and the majority are now relying on the internet to send formal messages, E-mail is being used as a substitute for the post offices.

There are few postal offices in rural areas than in urban areas, the offices in urban areas nearly to double the number of offices in rural areas. By the lockdown restrictions, there was no production on the expansion of offices across the country since people were not visiting the post offices both in rural and urban areas. The number of post offices did not change, the lockdown has started but in Zimbabwe, the economic challenges were noted before.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected different telecommunications sectors in Zimbabwe and the world at large, however other sections were growing more than ever before even though in Zimbabwe there is economic instability, individuals and businesses are thriving to improve their social life as well as growing their businesses electronically, a positive change in postal and courier sector is expected to change positively after the lockdown.


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