Zim Government to launch more Information Centers

  • Information Centers is to achieve equity of access to information,
  • ICTs can avail information relevant for multi-sectoral services,
  • Community Information Centers are established for all Zimbabwean citizens.

The Zimbabwean government together with the Ministry of Information Communication Technology (ICT), Postal and Courier Services is moving forward with the agenda to improve digital technology in rural and urban areas across Zimbabwe by increasing the number of Community Information Centers.

Community Information Centres are bridging the gap between rural and urban communities with a multi-sectoral digital environment which involves agricultural production, health sector, industry and commerce, marketing, mining and social issues that impact on families, especially peri-urban and rural families, the ministry reiterated the importance of human capital as the nation progresses towards becoming a digital economy.


Dr Jenfan Muswere, minister of the Ministry of ICT said that his ministry is working towards the agenda of the transformation of digital technology to be accessible to Zimbabwean citizens, he emphasised the development of local content using local languages and dialects for the Community Information Centres to make the desired impact among the communities in which they are deployed, recently the ICT team launched Sadza Community Information Centre in Hwedza.

He added that the ICT and the government would like to reiterate their commitment to addressing and reducing the barriers to technology and the digital divide through policies and programs that include disadvantaged groups and marginalised areas and excluded from the benefits of digitalisation. This might be a great change since there are some places where people do not have access to the network, and they have to walk from point A to B for a better connection.

The Minister said that there is a need for skilled personnel and the right competencies to make effective use of ICT and other emerging technologies as a country. As noted during the pandemic period, the job market for other disciplines is declining for those with skills in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and blockchain, the job market is expanding.

In this regard, the growth in the sector can be achieved by qualified personnel in the different spheres of the ICT industry. The ministry is calling for youths to take up studies in the different disciplines of the ICT sector and to make use of the facilities they are commissioning to conduct research when doing their homework and when preparing for their examinations.

The Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services is trying to develop the country’s ICT for the benefit of the citizens across Zimbabwe, however, there is the issue of digital divide since there are many parts of Zimbabwe especially in remote areas where people do not have access to a network.


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