Facebook Messenger and Instagram integrate for users interactivity

Image: The Verge
  • New features on Instagram and messenger,
  • Messenger and Instagram connected for easy connections across the Apps,
  • Instagram users will be able to see videos with friends and family on video calls.

On 30 September, Mark Zuckerberg announced an update of Instagram’s Direct Messages(DMs), with a lot of features that will bring better connection among users, so they are connecting the Messenger and Instagram experience so you can easily connect with the people you want across apps.

Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook has been working on this since he shared their vision for a privacy-focused social network in early 2019. Private messaging is one of the fastest-growing forms of communication, and on Facebook’s apps alone people send over 100 billion messages every day. The features will allow users to use Instagram to send messages and calls to friends and family on Messenger, and vice versa.


The company did market research and from the feedback, they’ve heard from people that their conversations get fragmented across different apps, and it’s not always easy to know where to reach someone or where to find a certain chat thread. Users will also have control over how people can message them across networks, or not receiving the messages at all

Instagram users will also start to see some of the new fun features for messages on Instagram and Messenger. Instagram users will be able to watch videos with friends and family during a video call, send disappearing messages, and use customization features like chat colours, emoji reactions, and selfie stickers. Check out the video for the full list of features we’re introducing.

The integration of Instagram and Messenger seems to be more fun and interactive to the users, however, some Mark Zuckerberg announced that some of the new features will roll out in few countries and they will be released everywhere over the time.


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