TelOne leads on International Internet Connectivity in Zimbabwe

Telone Bulawayo
  • TelOne grew in the market shares for Equipped International Internet Bandwidth.
  • Incoming and outcoming international internet bandwidth increased.
  • TelOne offers affordable packages for voice and broadband.

Due to high demand for data and internet services as well as the growing availability of local online content, TelOne has a lead on the Market Share of Equipped International Internet Bandwidth Capacity by the increased percentages of incoming and outcoming bandwidth capacity, as compared to Liquid, Powertel, Dandemutande and others.

According to a report of 2020 second quarter recorded by Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), there was a 12.5% growth in the equipped international internet capacity to reach 132,715Mbps from 127,715Mbps recorded in the first quarter of 2020, following the expansion by TelOne. This is a great change since there was no change from the Equipped international internet bandwidth capacity recorded in the first quarter.


Market Share of Equipped International Internet Bandwidth Capacity. Used international incoming bandwidth capacity increased by 2.8% to record 128,173Mbps from 124,627Mbps recorded in the first quarter of 2020.TelOne is engaging in a massive Internet network upgrade to help improve the quality of their network, especially for home broadbands. In the previous quarter, Liquid gained 2,6% of the market shares.
The quarterly variation in the market share of equipped international internet bandwidth capacity.

TelOne continues to maintain its network services, used international outgoing bandwidth capacity also increased by 3.5% to reach 38,428Mbps from 37,121Mbps recorded in the first quarter. This was likely to be a result of many people working from home and learned from home during the lockdown period. Dandemutande and Powertel have lost the market share and again recorded a negative change.

TelOne has increased its market shares in the second quarter due to reasonable voice and broadband package tariffs. Individuals and companies have access to internet connections through different packages they can afford. TelOne Residential Broadband Package tariffs range from US$10 the Home basic to US$83 for the Intense.SME Broadband packages thus Infinity Supreme US$104 and Intense Extra US$139.Also Blaze LTE packages, from Blaze Lite US$9 and the last package, Blaze Supernova US$87.

TelOne company noticed a sudden increase in demand ever since the beginning of the global pandemic which has resulted in a shift in business, so the company is expected to grow as the international internet bandwidth capacity will continue to increase.


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