Few, Wiser facts when purchasing a Memory Card

  • Checking the size of the memory card suitable for your device,
  • Memory cards are classified by Class, Storage and Speed,
  • Knowledge of the type of memory card that your device needs.

Memory Cards have been invented over two decades ago, before the ubiquity of smartphones, they already existed and people used them to store music, photos and videos. It is therefore important for people to buy updated Memory cards considering space, size and type.

Firstly people should check the size of the memory card suitable for their devices before buying. They are also called removable data storage. The size of the memory cards was reduced as the storing capacity was increased due to the technological requirements. Some cameras and phones need specific types of memory cards for instance some will need stand-size SD cards and the other might need microSD cards.


People can note that all the device comes with internal storage, but still, they support memory cards, so it’s necessary for one to check the storage capacity of the memory card. Large storage capacity is better for those who want to store photos and with high megapixel of their cameras. There are some memory cards with specific features, they show the amount of space for photos, music or documents, so people should check if there is enough storage based on what they want to store.

Speed class is also a vital factor that should be known by people, although they are very few people who have the idea that memory cards come with speed class. Speed class is an indication of the minimum serial data speed, so memory cards have four different speed classes which are 2,4,6,10. The lowest speed class is 2 and the highest is 10, so fo fast storage, people should choose the high-speed class.

Before buying a memory card, people should know the type of memory card supported by their devices, there are High Capacity SD Memory Card (SDHC)and SD Extended Capacity Memory Card ( SDXC). For the phones that supports external memory up to 32 Gigabytes, they should use SDHC. For devices which supports the external memory of storage between 32 Gigabytes and 2 terabytes they should use the SDXC

People should consider the mentioned factors before purchasing removable data storage. However, having the right size and the type of SD card with enough space doesn’t mean one is secured, the stored data should always be protected. Therefore users should install antivirus applications in their devices and scan their data regularly.


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