Using Google My Business to Attract Clients


Search engine optimization is confusing at best. Search the web for advice, and you’ll find pages of conflicting advice. What’s even more frustrating, search engines won’t divulge their ranking factors.

With 86.86% of the global market share, Google is loath to give advice beyond, “Create great content.” That said, Google offers users a free business page that acts as a mini-webpage. While it won’t confirm that having an active Google My Business page helps you rank better, SEO experts agree that it does.


More particularly, experts agree that a GMB page is vital to ranking well in local searches. Are they correct? Why not check for yourself and see using the simple tips below?

Set a Benchmark

Start by using Serpwatch’s free SERP tool to check how your page ranks at the moment. Bookmark the page because you’ll want to check this every two to three weeks to monitor your page rank improvements.

Claim Your Free Page

Head over to the Google My Business search page, and type in your business name. Your business should list in the results. If it doesn’t, continue by clicking on the “List My Business With Google.” It’s worth selecting this option if you don’t have a webpage because it’s a simple way to create a web presence at no cost.

If your business is already there, click on the “Manage Now” page. Google will ask you to confirm that you’re the page owner and then request that you complete the profile.

Fill in as Much Detail as Possible

It’s worth spending some time filling in all the information on the page, crafting lively descriptions, and adding photographs. The more complete the page, the more credible your business looks to Google.

Ensure that all the credentials match any other information you have on the web and save your page.

Run a Quick Credential Audit Off the Page

Since you’re online already, it’s a good idea to search for any listings of your business. It’s especially important to look for out of date listings on directories and update or remove them. All details, such as phone numbers and addresses, must tie up across the different pages to improve your business’s visibility.

Add a Google Map to Your Website (If You Haven’t Already)

Head over to Google Maps and type in your business address. Hit the “Share Button” in the bar beneath the address and click on “Embed Map.” Google will produce the HTML code for you to copy and paste to your site.

Keep Your GMB Page Active

GMB has a social media function as well. Posting at least once a week shows Google that your page is an active one. It’s a great way to update clients and advise them of specials, resources, and events.

Final Notes

Setting up your GMB page doesn’t take long and provides you with a free touchpoint for clients. Afterwards, all that you need to do is post regularly and keep checking your progress at Serpwatch. 


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