ZB Financial Holdings launched Kesto, a Diaspora Service-Hub

  • Kesto allows people to send money from the diaspora to Zimbabwe,
  • Build their houses in Zimbabwe whilst working in Diaspora,
  • Purchasing and delivery of groceries to beloved ones.

ZB Financial Holdings has launched service-hub called Kesto, as a financial solution for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to invest more, build and send money to family and friends, also purchasing groceries for friends and family in Zimbabwe.

Among other services provided by ZB Financial Holdings, the launch of Diaspora service Hub -Kesto has mainly targeted the Zimbabweans living in Diaspora, and ‘its a global financial solution’ as stated by Ron Matandagayi, the Chief Executive of ZB Financial Holdings Group. The Group also launched other services like Visa card and ZB Customer Service Promise under the #ZBHelloWorld.

Ron Matandagayi, the Chief Executive of ZB Financial Holdings Group

Kesto allows Zimbabweans living in the diaspora to access tailor-made financial solutions thereby connecting each individual through a carefully selected partner network. It offers that range from remittance platform where people can easily send money to their beloved ones unlike other remittance like Mukuru, World Remit, Western Union, Kesto is only meant for transfers to Zimbabwe.

Based on the research done by ZB on customer’s needs and reason for transactions, they come up with an idea that they should invest in building a service-hub with strategic partners, thereby launching Kesto to meet customer’s needs. Family disputes over misuse of money are coming to an end, as the ZB Financial Holdings in partnership with strategic management from different organizations will be offering professional services to help customers meet their needs.

In terms of investments and insurance, ZB Financial Holdings has assigned relationship managers for the customers that help them achieve their goals through selected partners, thereby ensuring professionalism and guaranteed quality services for instance if one wants to build a house in Zimbabwe, it’s very possible with Kesto and it can be protected against future loss.

With Kesto leisure time is valued where people can spend their money with friends and relatives, purchasing groceries while Kesto will be responsible for the delivery of the purchased package to reach the destination. This is the best solution for those who were struggling to change the foreign currency received via different remittance to local currency to purchase groceries.

The launch of the Visa card comes at a right time when people were looking for easiest ways to do international payments especially during the lockdown period where everything has to be done online, to avoid personal contact with other, However ZB has made it easier by making three types of cards that are Visa-enabled; the debit card that can be linked to a Nostro account, a business card issued to companies, and the prepaid card for individuals.

In addition to the above, prepaid Visa cards are available in all ZB branches countrywide, and they are available for anyone, even non-ZB customers can also apply to get a visa card. The prepaid Visa-card can be useful for those who have children studying abroad, for their monthly financial obligations and other financial requirements. There is no need for one to be a ZB customer, all is needed is to apply for a prepaid Visa card.

ZB Bank also launched the customer center, Omni-channel, for virtual interaction between customers and their bank and it will be available for 24 hours every day. Shadowsight Chiganze, ZB’s head of group corporate services said that they have already started rolling out their new look branches that have self-service areas. This will help people getting any information or assistance at any given time.

Most of Zimbabwean Banks are conveniently digitalizing their services to meet their customer’s needs. ZB is amongst those who are upgrading their standards especially during the lockdown period where everything has to be done remotely, However, the COVID-19 pandemic period challenged a lot of systems in companies to dwell in technology.


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