Reasons why users depend on Telegram

  • Telegram has privacy for activities done within the App,
  • It’s more interactive than other messaging apps,
  • Saved Messages feature, keeps messages as a bookmark.

Telegram is the world’s fastest messaging application with a lot of amazing features which makes it unique from other apps, it is free, no adverts, it has no limits on the size of chats, it is secure no chance for hackers attack, it delivers messages faster as compared to any other messaging app.

Telegram is rated as the fastest messaging app in the world due to the efficient delivery of messages within the application. In April 2020, this application reached about 400 million users, It took them roughly two years to double their daily users. The company says that 1.5 million users signed up every day meanwhile they will be more than 500million users by the end of 2020.


Free app without ads popping in, it’s so amazing because Telegram has no adverts and people can freely socialize without any hindrance. It is also interesting that the app is free from subscriptions, meaning it’s a free application and users will only update if there are new features developed by the company.

Telegram is a powerful source for interaction, it has no limits for the size of chats and media, user can enjoy the unlimited space to communicate with others as they can share media contents like audios, images and videos and also send lengthy messages since there is unlimited space. User can also follow or interact with anyone on who is on Telegram.

Messages that are sent and received on Telegram are secured. The app was developed in a way that hackers can never tempt to attack users in any way, therefore this application is more than just a mere app, it’s a unique feature because the application doesn’t require passwords but it more secure than those which require passwords and they are always under attack like on Twitter and Facebook.

Telegram has also cloud-based features which allow users to access their messages from multiple devices, Saved messages can also be accessed on other devices, this is another feature of this app, users can save messages. Telegram serves the selected messages as bookmark and users can easily find them whenever they want

Another feature is that users can set the appearance of the chat by choosing any from the four options: classic, day, night and tinted night. It feels good for the users to choose the appearance by themselves. Users can also manage data and storage in the settings so that they minimize the data consumption as well as enjoying the Application.

Telegram has a lot of features as mentioned before, liked by almost everyone that is why most users are signing in day and night. Users should always be careful about how they use their application and always remember to logout some applications especially on shares devices like desktops, for security reasons.


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