Tips to avoid scratches on smartphones


Smartphones need extra care, therefore, it’s wise for users to protect their devices than to repair smartphones after the damage, here are few, easier and cheaper, do-it-yourself (DIY) methods which can protect Android or iOS smartphones from physical damages

  1. Toothpaste:
    Applying toothpaste on plastic screen guards, leave it for about 5 minutes, after that, wipe off the toothpaste with a soft cloth. However, this method can only apply for Android smartphones which use plastic screen guards because iOS devices use glass ones.
  2. Remote Triggers
    The use of remote triggers is very useful in the protection of devices, thus viewing the applications, watching videos, or PowerPoint presentations remotely with a trigger to avoid scratches on smartphones, the use of remote triggers is applicable for both Android and iOS devices.
  3. Pair Bluetooth earphones
    Pairing Bluetooth earphones is another solution to prevent screen scratches, instead of scrolling or swiping for the next, previous, or pausing options when playing the music on a smartphone, users can simply control that using Bluetooth earphones, hence saving the screen.
  4. Stylus
    Stylus are pointing tools usually good for writing and drawing on devices. Android and iOS users can use standard pencils to make styluses. By wrapping 5-10 cm of the bottom part of a standard pencil or pen with aluminium foil, this can make a perfect stylus and protect the screen from scratches.
  5. Smartphone stand
    Instead of watching different activities on a smartphone in hands, users can make smartphones stand and watch those activities from a distant. Android and iOS users can fold forks and make nice stands and they can also make stand by using long stick pencils and pegs, depending on the size and weight of the devices.

Smartphone users should practice some of these DIY methods to protect their devices, these methods are cheaper than to purchase some of the materials from the stores.DIY methods will protect their devices and also saves money for repairs.



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