5 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Site from Malware

Your website needs to be protected by any intentional or unintentional damages. This can cause serious damage to the overall performance of the website. You would never want to leave any door unlocked while leaving the house. Thus, a security plugin is a must to have while managing and monitoring your website. WordPress has countless security plugins. Therefore, it can be sometimes difficult to choose one for the site. Having said, the wide range of such plugins help you in the better working efficiency of your site. You can even customize the site’s security features depending upon what you want for your site. Except for a few, all of the plugins can be used for any site. 

There are many popular and effective plugins in the market. However, you can make an informed decision regarding which one you must useWooCommerce bundle is also available for WordPress. 


It can be quite an effort to find the right kind of security plugin for your website. Thus, I have listed some of the best security plugins for your site on WordPress. Take a look at these amazing plugins to secure your WordPress site from Malware.

MALCARE SECURITY: MalCare Security is one of the top-notch security plugins for WordPress. Its interesting features help the site to be saved from any sort of malware or other damages. Basic scanning is available for free. However, other versions need to be purchased. This is one of the best security plugins if you need to save your time and effort. This plugin protects your site from other servers too. Thus, allowing a complete range of effective working of your site.



This is one is a bundle of free features that allow your website to stay safe from Malware. It is extremely easy to use. You do not need to be a tech freak to use this one. Therefore, it can be used by anyone. The features are completely free. You do not need to purchase any program or version. One of the amazing benefits that this plugin gives is that it will apply the firewall rules progressively, thus, maintaining the speed of your website.

Moreover, its features include:

  • Front-end copy protection
  • Scanner for a file change detection
  • Comment spam protection
  • File protection and restoration
  • Login lockdown feature to avoid any attacks

With over millions of active installs, Wordfence Security is one of the most widely used security plugins worldwide. This is the most popular plugin. Its extremely amazing features let you have the best experience of your website. It offers Malware scanning to check the files and other items before they are uploaded. It can see the data about your overall progress and traffic on your website. In addition to this, it gives you reports that show you if there were any hacks attempted on the site. Its basic program is free of cost, however, the premium program allows you access to various scanning and security features.


Another famous plugin used in WordPress is this iThemes Security. It has all the necessary features that you might need for your website. The basic version is free of cost. However, the premium version states from $80 per year. With this plugin, you can get access to Malware scanning, error detection for the site, brute force attack prevention and much more. Its scanning features promptly detect any potential vulnerabilities of the hack. Thus, it is one of the best plugins so far.


Vault Press is one of the most affordable security plugins that offer highly usable features. Its key maintenance elements allow you to save the site from forced brute attacks or hacks. Moreover, you will get different features in different packages. By its professional plan, you can gain access to automated malware screening and other threat resolutions. This tool can simplify all your security problems. Thus, it is the best choice when it comes to your WordPress site. 


The fact that there are various plugins for the security solutions of your website. With so many features, you need to choose the best plugin for your website. It can be time taking, but it surely pays off in the end. You need to secure your website completely before any foreign server or hacker attacks your website. Therefore, these simple and easy to use security plugins can make your work easier. These not only allow you to secure your website but also help your visitors have a better user experience. Although it is tough to say which one is the best, with the exceptional features that each plugin gives will help you choose one. It all depends on what you’re looking for.