Logic Phones to increase mobile penetration in Zimbabwe.

  • Logic smartphones are very cheap and affordable,
  • manufactured with Android characteristics,
  • And L61 have 2G RAM for enough space.

Astro Mobile has partnered with an American Mobile company, Logic Mobility to manufacture simple mobile phones and smartphones, together they agreed upon a brand name Logic, for their produce. The company is targeting African countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania supplying low, medium and high-end smartphones, flooding the market of smartphones in Zimbabwe.

Logic smartphones are cheap, available in all Astro shops and other vendors around Zimbabwe. They are manufactured with most features which are likely to be similar to high-end devices. Recently they launched Logic X60, Logic L55B, Logic L61, and Logic X40 smartphones. For the prices the Logic smartphones are cheaper; X40 is going for$62, X60 plus for $110, L55B for $110 and L61 for $151.The Logic phones are manufactured like other smartphones, for instance, L61 have 32GB internal storage which helps in saving memories. Logic smartphone users can also expand the memory of their devices through Micro SD; 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB.


For most average phone users, space and speed are the first things they consider before buying the gadget. Wide range of connectivity like high-speed 2G, 3G and 4G which broadens the spectrum of communications between family and friends around the region. Logic mobile phones like L55B and L61 comes packed up with a processing memory of 2GB RAM, cool spec for a low and mid-range phone, which is perfect for the use of applications, and without any need to close or delete some to create space or avoid crashing.

Logic X60Plus have a dual camera, HD 19.9 Notch screen, 8MP/ 0.3 + Flash, it also has a 5MP- selfie camera, for users to enjoy more of multimedia content with amazing speed and picture quality. L61 and X60+ have Gravity sensor, Proximity sensor, Light sensor and fingerprint sensor for keeping information and privacy safe with Touch ID/ finger unlock. Most retailers and vendors are buying and selling Logic smartphones to get some profit especially during this time of economic hardships in Zimbabwe.

These Logic smartphones were developed with the Android operating system, the CPU; Quad-Core, a highly integrated digital chip, responsible for graphics accelerator, the phone can also achieve high performance and low power for a lot of applications. The official battery storage capacity on the Logic devices vary with type, L61 is marked to be 2 950 mAh, L55B is marked 2000 mAh.For a 2 950 mAh battery capacity, for lite users, the phone can last a day. However, people should frequently test and see how far their batteries can stretch.

The logic brand is trending in Africa and finally, it floods the smartphone market in Zimbabwe by the supply of medium and low range devices, with reasonable prices. Hopefully Logic will manage to get a bigger size of the cake with other plays like Gtel and iTel who are dominant in the smartphone industry in Zimbabwe.


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