Ways of protecting yourself from Scammers.

Scammers are the people who swindle victims through deception or fraud. These gougers came in a victim’s life as lovers, friends followers or a bank representative yet they have a motive to bug into your personal life. They are targeting anyone on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram so people should put into practice the following ways to protect themselves from these chiselers.

Avoid sharing personal information
Avoid sharing personal information with anyone whom you meet on social media platforms. These scammers came in as friends, lovers and followers so that people can be open to them and divulge their details like marital status, age, occupation, workplace to mention a few. Identity theft is real and these scammers may use your details to create other accounts on social media to swindle other people.

Protect your privacy
Avoid sharing everything on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on the public because scammers may not always be your friends but sometimes they get your personal information if you post everything on public, some of them take time to study your lifestyle through social media and when they come as friends people can easily trust them hence their motive is to scam.

Avoid sharing photos with strangers
If people whom you are not sure of coming to your inbox and request for your photos it’s wise not to share or avoid them by giving some reasons. Some of them will send photos first so that you too can be comfortable and send your photos, those photos they send you are likely to be stolen from another victim.

Avoid sending money to strangers
Scammers are very skilful in whatever they do, however they can be easily avoided by ignoring them. As mentioned before that they come into people’s lives as good friends and probably you were being friends for a long time. Some will ask if you need the money and some will just send you the confirmation that they deposited money to you. And they ask for more information like bank details so that the money will be transferred to your account. You can also be redirected to other scammer claiming that he/ she is the person who may assist you in getting the money. The person will ask you to send a certain amount of money to the details they give you.

Don’t trust anyone on Social Media
Scammers may come in religion names, Reverent, Sister, Pastor so that people will be comfortable with them and share any kind of information they ask. Some will also come as professionals, Doctors, Army Commanders yet they want to scam you. They usually send fake Identity Cards for their work without your request.

Report Spam and Block any suspect
Always report spam whenever an unknown person approaches you especially to your inbox, email or adding you to groups these are likely to be scammers introducing you to their club so that some will easily follow you.