RTG Upholds Local Music through Gateway Stream Music Application


Rainbow Tourism Group Limited (RTG) introduced the Gateway Stream Music Application to be launched in December 2020. This was announced at the Gateway Stream Music Empowerment Workshop held in Harare on 29 October 2020 to empower local artists. The application is a music platform, built for the interaction between musicians and users.

Gateway Stream Music App will be launched to empower the local artists to show their talents and to sell their contents to the customers. The Gateway Stream Music application has a lot of features which are likely to be the same with other social media platforms, where artists will share their contents just like on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, but the only difference is that the music will be streamed on the application.


The application has features that will promote the good relations between customers and Artists as well as reducing piracy which is butchering the music industry. The application features will also ensure that artists are earning enough revenue for their trades (music product). Followers can buy local music and view live streaming album launches. Since the application is not yet launched there is no evidence of the performance of these features.

Gateway Stream Music App will be available for both Android users and iOS users on Google Playstore and AppStore to entice more people. Formerly, RTG launched the Gateway Stream which is more than just a website, it offers online services hospitality and leisure, thus biding and booking for room at any of the selected hotels/lodges across Africa and pay online. Possibly the Gateway Stream performance has motivated RTG to do more even to the music industry.

RTG is showing interest in upholding the music industry through the launch of Gateway Stream Music App where artists will interact with users. The launch might be successful, hopefully, the website was well developed especially some of the features of protecting the contents from piracy.


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