Another sophisticated feature for WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp users can send messages that will disappear for individual chats or group chats,
  • Group admins and individuals will be responsible for activating or disabling the disappearing messages feature,
  • Messages will be disappearing after seven days.

Facebook is developing or has developed a new feature for its popular instant messaging app, Whatsapp. This new feature will make your messages disappear but the company did not release the dates when the feature will roll out. WhatsApp users will soon be able to send messages to individuals and groups that will disappear after seven days.

The message disappear feature only works when a user has enabled the feature within the WhatsApp application. This upcoming feature will not affect the previous messages, but it will be effective for the new messages once it’s now live. The messages will be disappearing from WhatsApp chats after seven days when the disappearing messages are turned on. Active WhatsApp users should start saving important chats in form of screenshots before they disappear.


For individual chats, either user will turn on or off the disappearing messages, while the admins will take control over the group chats and they will be the ones enabling and disabling disappearing messages feature. If WhatsApp user doesn’t open the app for seven days, the messages will disappear but the previews of messages will remain in the notification then disappears just after opening. Meanwhile, the absence of users on WhatsApp for a week will end up in the loss of important information.

On replied messages, the initial message is quoted in that case, when disappearing messages is enabled, the quoted text might remain in the chat after seven days. Forwarded chats will disappear only if they are sent to someone who activated disappearing messages. If a user creates a backup before a message disappears, the disappearing message will be included in the backup. Disappearing messages will be deleted when a user restores from a backup. Therefore it’s advisable for WhatsApp users to backup their data frequently.

In disappearing messages, WhatsApp media, thus photos and videos received via the app, will be automatically downloaded to the camera roll by default. If disappearing messages are turned on, media sent in the chat will disappear but will be saved on the phone if auto-download is on. Users can deactivate auto-download in WhatsApp Settings by clicking Data and Storage usage then disable download via mobile data or Wifi by selecting off.

WhatsApp Inc. is still developing the WhatsApp features for users to enjoy and to socialize with others, although the features are not active yet. However, the disappearing messages feature some of the features is particularly good for WhatsApp Statuses instead of charts. Optimistically users will not flood their galleries with screenshots as a way of saving individuals chats and group chats before the disappearance.


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