Cassava SmarTech Should Consider Bringing Back Ecocash Ta!


In 2015, Cassava Smartech launched the Ecocash Ta! but since then, the product did not become familiar to most active Ecocash users then it ended up losing value in the market and we do not know if the ZSE listed Tech company discontinued the product or not. Ecocash Ta! was linked to one’s Ecocash account but requires no PIN for transactions.

Econet should introduce Ecocash Ta! again which was connected to one’s Ecocash wallet accessed by stickers, Ecocash Ta! was a sticker used to tap and pay for everyday purchases up to $3 with no PIN required. One can stick it on phone or anywhere, this was initially a great deal for small businesses like those who sell tomatoes, air-time, sweets and fruit, their customers could easily pay for those $0.10, $0.20, and $0.50 by automatically pair their stickers to vendor’s device or machine. This is so good for both vendors and customers to maintain social distance during this global pandemic period.


During this period where the economic environment is not conducive for the Zimbabwean citizens, money shortage is experienced in every section although the services and products are being supplied in abundance, electronic money is the only preference for people to sustain their businesses, Ecocash Ta! should come to the rescue although it was introduced to hold a minimum of $3, therefore people should plead to Econet so that it increases the amount of money to be held in Ecocash Ta!

Ecocash Ta! used the technology called Near Field Communication which enables clients to tap their cellphone against a merchant or vendor’s enabled micro point-of-sale device and the value of the transaction will be automatically deducted from the client’s EcoCash account. If one vehemently look at Ecocash Ta!, he might come up with a conclusion that the product was smart and effective for both clients and vendors especially when we consider it during this Covid-19 era, were social distancing is encouraged to prevent the spreading of the virus.

The Chief Executive Officer of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Douglas Mboweni, on the launch of the product he said that the Ecocash Ta! will benefits vendors, potentially opening a new dimension for employment creation in a country where many people are surviving on informal trading. Econet planned to revolutionise the way vendors and merchants receive payment for their goods by introducing a safe and convenient payment method that makes life easier for them and customers too as none has to carry cash with them.

Econet launched the Ecocash Ta! about 5 years ago and the product seemed not to be fruitful for users, however, due to several factors such as economic crisis, money shortage in Zimbabwe, as well as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, citizens are regretting the effectiveness of Ecocash Ta!, since almost everyone in Zimbabwe is surviving through buying and selling hence lockdown restrictions has to be followed.


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