Facebook Rolls out a Send Self-destructing Messages Feature


Facebook recently launched disappearing messages on WhatsApp, and a sort of similar thing is now rolling out to its other platforms. Vanish Mode, which was announced by the company after launching integration between Messenger and Instagram.

When vanish Mode is activated, sent messages and media files will automatically disappear after they’ve been viewed, and you leave the chat. This is quite a different approach compared to disappearing messages in WhatsApp.


Ephemeral WhatsApp Messages are deleted automatically after seven days, independent of whether the recipient views the message or not. Vanish Mode is strikingly similar to a similar feature available on Snapchat for quite a while.

Vanish Mode can be activated by a swipe up inside a chat thread on Messenger and Instagram. You always deactivate it similarly – by swiping up again.

For security, Facebook will notify you when someone takes a screenshot of any message or media file shared while using vanish Mode. But of course, if someone takes a picture of the message, you won’t tell.

And as an additional safety control, only people you’re connected to can use vanish Mode with you in a chat.

Vanish Mode is rolling out in batches starting with the U.S. You should expect to see the feature live locally soon.


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