Upgrade WordPress – Should You Click the Button?


Are you going to upgrade your WordPress website? If yes, then it is not like to click a button and upgrades your site. It looks simple but there are risks to upgrade your site on WordPress with a single click. But what to do when you have the notification of an upgrade on your WordPress website? You cannot run your site on WordPress with an outdated version because there are always security threats. 

A new version of WordPress means new features, strong security protections, and more functionality for your site on WordPress. By clicking the update button, you may face many risks and security threats. It is simple to touch the upgrade button but it is difficult to secure your data. For instance, you can lose your customers’ orders by losing your Woocommerce Pre-order plugin when your updating is not successful.


Here in this article, I will show you why upgrading is required and what are the two methods of updating. I will also show you either you can upgrade your site yourself or you need the services of website developers or experts to do this. I will also mention the security threats we may face by updating our WordPress websites and how these can be minimized?

Why Updating of WordPress website is need?

According to WordPress Security Research, most of the sites are hacked and their data is stolen because their extensions or themes were outdated. Woocommerce Pre order Plugin, for example, cannot work effectively when your website is outdated.

WordPress security features are improved regularly by the developers worldwide and new features are released in the latest version of WordPress.

So, to enhance the functionality and security of your site, you need to update your website whenever a new version is released.

Methods to Update WordPress

If you want to update your WordPress yourself, then there two methods by following which you can update your WordPress websites successfully:

Method 1: Use the Built-in System to update WordPress

You can update WordPress easily and safely by following this method. All users of WordPress are generally suggested to use this method.

After logging in to the admin area of your WordPress website go to the “Updates Now” button to start your updating.  By pressing this button, the new version of the software will be installed on your WordPress site.  During updating, you cannot add plugins and themes to your site but your site will be visible to your users and customers. When updating is finished, you can see the new features of the new version and you will be able to use them.

Method 2: Use FTP to Update WordPress

To use this method for upgrading, you need to practice FTP to manually upload your WordPress website data files. This method is generally used when the first method is not working. This method is complex than the earlier one.

Download the new version of WordPress very firstly. Your WordPress would be downloaded in a zip file by the browser. Now extract the zip file and within this, you will find a WordPress folder containing all the WordPress data files required to update. After this, open your FTP client and connect it to your WordPress site. Now, go to your WordPress file folder, extracted from the zip file in the local files column. After this go to your site’s root folder that is public_html or named after your site’s domain name. There are WordPress data files and folders. Select all these folders and data files and right-click to select Upload.

Now your FTP client will start to upload WordPress files from your computer to your WordPresssite. When you would be asked about what do you want to do with your data files, select ‘Overwrite’ and check the box next to ‘Always use this action’. Now it assures you that the data files and folders of your WordPress website are changed with the latest versions of data files.

After uploading has finished, go to the admin area of your WordPress website to see either there is a need to upgrade your WordPress database. If database upgrading is needed, click the ‘Update WordPress Database’ button to carry on. Congrats, you have upgraded your WordPress site successfully.

Upgrading of WordPress is Simple or Complex?

To update WordPress would not be as easy as to upgrade other website creating platforms like Chrome and, Google, and Yahoo, etc. It looks simple but it is not. The new version of WordPress might not be well-suited to plugins and themes you added to your site. Upgrading might be dangerous for your website on the Internet.

Problems would increase with the increase of data or load on your site. If your website is a complex one with many plugins you added to make your site attractive and heavy traffic visits your site on the daily basis, then upgrading by clicking a single would be harmful to your e-store.

It is because upgrading of WordPress loaded websites with a single touch can misplace the files, images, and videos you added to your product page. For instance, if you have added the Woocommerce Pre-order plugin to your pages and your orders from your customers on your site then it is a likelihood that you might lose all of these orders during updating.

So, for upgrading, you have to be much careful about your data on your site specifically when your site is heavily loaded and you have heavy traffic of customers worldwide. In this case, you need the services of website experts to update your site regularly. This case does not apply to simple sites or small business based sites.

Follow WordPress Codex Commands

To update WordPress, follow the commands provided by WordPress Codex, an official manual from WordPress developers, to avoid the security risks. The WordPress Codex comprises all the information you need to use all the features of WordPress. It provides you the instructions to back up your WordPress internet site before updating is done. You can make your WordPress updating extra-secure by creating a separate check site to see either your data is properly back up or not.

After updating also properly checks the plugins you added to your site to see either these plugins match the previous one or not.  This can be done by locating your plugins inside the WordPress Plugin Directory and by testing the compatibility field within the right-side column. By following these instructions, you can upgrade WordPress safely.

If your website is heavily loaded with a bundle of data files and plenty of plugins or extensions, then do not take the risk of upgrading your site yourself. Many companies provide the services of updating complicated WordPress websites safely without any loss of data.

Final thought

I hope this article will guide you effectively in the updating of your WordPress Site. I mention in this article two methods of WordPress website updating. One is easier while the other is complex.

I suggest that if your website is loaded with heavy data files, then use method 2 if you can do it yourself, if not then get the services of WordPress website developers to update your site safely. Method 1 is generally used for small business websites. When upgrading is successful, check your plugins like Woocommerce Pre-order, to see either it is in the same position as it was before updating. Good Luck!


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