Disappearing Tweets for Twitter users

  • Tweets will disappear after 24hours,
  • Fleets text for Twitter users to feel comfortable to share their thoughts,
  • Fleets will be shown at the top of users timeline.

On 18 November 2020, Twitter launched the ‘Fleets’, a disappearing feature on Twitter, which allows Twitter users to send tweets that will be disappearing in 24 hours, this feature was launched to bring comfort to the application users, who felt so uncomfortable to like, reply, tweet and also retweet on the public.

Twitter said that this feature was launched as a result of complaints from Twitter users about the app being so public and they were uncomfortable to Tweet thereby making difficult for them to share their opinions and they experienced much pressure on following the permanent Retweets and Likes. Therefore Twitter suggested ‘Fleets’ as a better feature which allows users to share Tweets which disappears just like Stories feature in Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp is also modifying the same feature which is expected shortly.


Fleets feature will help users to feel more comfortable to share their fleeting thoughts and easily join a new conversation in a new way. For Twitter users to use this feature, they must tap the “share” icon at the bottom of the tweet and then select “Share in Fleet”, the tweet will then disappear in a day. Twitter said that the feature will be available to every user and for both iOS and Androids and is expected in the coming few days, while the issue of the feature to be available on desktop is unclear.

Disappearing feature on Twitter was previously tested in Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea, and the users enjoyed joining conversations comfortably with this feature. Meanwhile, this feature is already existing and it works but it’s not yet available to every user. Twitter users will Fleet text, reactions to Tweets, photos, videos, and customize their Fleets with various background and text options, just like on Facebook and Instagram hence the Fleets will disappear in 24 hours.

If users Direct Messages are open, they can receive replies to their Fleets from anyone, and for them to reply to a Fleet, they must tap on the Direct Message. Anyone who can view users profile can also be able to see these Fleets. Twitter said that because they disappear from view after a day, Fleets helped people feel more comfortable sharing personal and casual thoughts, opinions, and feelings. Twitter added that stickers and live broadcasting will be available soon.

Disappearing Tweets is a feature launched by Twitter to bring more space and comfort to the user since they will be able to share Fleet tweets that will be temporarily available for 24 hours to the public. However, the feature was tested in other countries and succeeded, although it is not yet rolled out to everyone.


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