Baffling feature confirmed on Twitter disappearing messages


The ‘Fleet’ feature launched by Twitter on 18 November 2020 has already confirmed baffling problems on this disappearing messages feature. Twitter discovered that there is a bug which allows users to get access to the disappearing messages, after fleeting.

Now, this discovery has brought a lot of confusion among Twitter users since the bug can access fleets beyond the 24-hour period which is supposed to be the vanishing period. thereby giving users access to lists of fleets from Twitter’s servers, also to note that each fleet has its URL which can be opened in a browser to view the original fleet in any form. Probably this bug resulted from using an app that is developed to interface with Twitter’s back-end through the Twitter developer Application Programming Interface (API).


Disappearing messages feature was launched for both iOS and Android users to bring comfort to Twitter users since they will be able to share their views, opinions and thoughts as Tweets or Reply to Tweets which can only last for 24 hours. However, on the launch, Twitter said this feature was tested in Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea, and performed so perfectly. Now the issue of this bug is controversial to the fact that if the feature was surely tested and people enjoyed it, then the bug maybe it was developed after the launch.

Twitter is working to fix this problem shortly so that the bug won’t be harmful to users, they will find a solution for the deletion of fleets media URL and they won’t the accessed after the disappearing period. However, as the social media platforms are guided by the social network’s rules, Twitter will not be able to permanently delete the fleets after the 24 hours, it will keep disappearing messages on it servers for up to 30 days before permanent deletion.

Twitter launched Disappearing messages feature just like Facebook and Instagram Stories feature for the Application users feel more comfortable whenever they use these applications to post and share their opinions on the public. Twitter is expected to solve the encountered issue to restore the users’ confidence in using its application.


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