NetOne launched *519# platform for airtime anytime

  • NetOne active subscribers can easily by airtime anytime within *519#
  • Dealer and vendors will get discounts for buying airtime with the new platform.
  • Vendors will get access to a web portal for business management.

On the night of 22 November 2020, NetOne, the Zimbabwean government-owned telecom network launched a *519#, a platform that enables it’s network users around the country to top up airtime at any time. The event was held in Harare.

During the launch of *519# launch, the Netone’s acting Chief Commercial Officer, Mr Nyaradzai Shoko said that this development was made to continue building a good relationship between netone and their customers, and he added that NetOne as a company, it’s the ability to offer value to its customers depends on the quality of the partners they have.


The benefit of using *519# platform to NetOne users is that they will get discounts for buying airtime to sell. Mr Shoko acknowledges digital innovations saying that the World is changing fast, and technology is the tool that will drive that change, meanwhile NetOne users can now buy airtime with discount without visiting the NetOne stores. Dealers and vendors will get an 11% float discount when they make a purchase from NetOne.

This new platform can allow vendors to change their dealer at any time. This offers flexibility to the vendors, they can switch if the situation is not suitable for them. It may be down to the dealer to assess how much of the discount they will then pass to the vendor. Another advantage of using *519# is that vendors will also get access to a web portal where they can view their sales reports over a set number of transactions. This will help vendors to manage their business if they are making profits or not.

NetOne launched the *519# platform to build its relationship with the customers just like Econet’s * 143# which also gives Econet active subscribers access to purchase airtime and data although Econet doesn’t offer discounts just like NetOne’s latest platform. Hopefully, this will not affect vendors who depended on selling scratched airtime especially the disabled people.


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