FBC Holdings’ Website Experiences Downtime


FBC Holdings’ website experiences downtime therefore it announced the downtime of its website on its social media platforms so that customers will easily get the notice, thereby promising the restoration of normal operations.

On its Twitter handle, FBC Holdings posted apologies for the downtime of its website,


“We regret to advise that the FBC Holdings website is currently down. You may access Internet Banking & MasterCard services.” The provided the links where customers will get access to their services, Internet Banking: https://Ibanking.fbc.co.zw; MasterCard Portals: https://mycard.fbc.co.zw

They promised that their technicians are working to restore the normal operations. Normally when the FBC service is down, they won’t take many hours, customers should look forward to the restoration of normal services. FBC Holdings sincerely apologise for the inconveniences.


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