How ZB Bank Account Holders can Register Internet Banking


ZB Bank is going paperless thereby encouraging its account holders to register for internet banking to access the banking services digitally. ZB account holders can now register for internet banking by simply following the next few steps for self-register.

The first step, customers should visit the ZB Internet Banking portal on
When the portal opens, they should click REGISTER to continue with the registration process, then ENTER the card number which is found on ATM card, not the account number.
After entering the card number, the next step is to enter the PIN for the ATM card, the PIN that ZB customers use whenever they do transactions using their cards.
After entering the PIN, the next step to Read and Accept the terms and conditions of the ZB internet banking therefore customers should read first and accept if they agree with the conditions.
After accepting the terms and conditions, the next step is to enter their email address and click finish.
When finishing the process of self-register for the ZB Internet Banking, the customers should check their emails for the login details.
They should also try to log in for Internet banking using the details sent on their email but, they should use the link provided for ZB Internet Banking portal.
When they get access to the services, then they should proceed to change the password which is the final step of successful registration.



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