Zim Government Has Valued ICT for Civil Servants


Zimbabwean Government valued the importance of Information and Communications Technology(ICT), therefore the Postal and Telecommunications Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), this week will conduct an awareness drive, educating Civil Servants to counter cyberspace threats as the country gears up for the Cyber Security and Data Protection Act.

The Ministry of Information Communications Technology was tasked to educate the government workers. On 13 December 2020, Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Dr Jenfan Muswere said that the training is expected to commence this week, the enactment of the Cyber Security and Data Protection Act was a show of the Government’s promise to protect the citizens.


Due to the global pandemic, the use of information, communication technologies were embraced in different industries and companies. However, the lockdown restrictions have caused a lot of individuals to depend on online services for finance, learning, marketing and socialization while trying to maintain the social distance. By so doing, many people have been exposed to online vulnerabilities hence the government is offering cybersecurity awareness training for citizens to protect their data.

Dr Muswere added that the Consumer Education awareness campaigns will continue to be rolled out throughout the country to raise awareness among the general populace and in the spirit of collaborative regulation. Thereby calling upon all stakeholders including private sectors, to join and partner with POTRAZ in these popular programmes, to disseminate cybersecurity awareness content to Zimbabwean citizens.

The Zimbabwean government has valued the importance of ICT, thereby giving POTRAZ the task to educate the government workers upon cybersecurity to protect themselves from vulnerabilities and cyber threats. The training is expected to help all government workers so that they will spread the skills to people in their industries.


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