NetOne Board is Still Chasing The CEO


The board of NetOne Private Limited Company, Zimbabwe is still chasing Lazarus Muchenje, the Chief Executive Officer of the company to leave his position, whereas the company have been trying for a long period to terminate his contract with the company.

On 9 July 2020, the acting chairperson of the NetOne Company, Susan Mutangadura has written a letter to Muchenje, notifying him to terminate his contract with the company, however, the NetOne has lost the case in the court. Muchenje continues staying at home as he was still in suspension, on which He was given without a specific time of coming back to his duties at the office.


The NetOne board again sent another letter few weeks after the first one, in their letter, they included the President of Zimbabwe and the Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal Courier Services trying to convince Muchenje to respond positively to their letter to that he will resign from his position but however this plan was effortless. Muchenje remained quiet on his suspension until the case was presented in the High Court and Muchenje won the case.

NetOne board was challenged in the last court appeal to offer reasonable ground to suspend a CEO, the same matter they lost against 2 senior managers. This time however NetOne has quoted a clause that allows the president to authorise termination of the contract to a sitting CEO. The clause however only allows the president to do so after the board has issued reasonable grounds and offences and only must the president the ascend to the decision.

The NetOne board is still looking for the ways to terminate Muchenje’s contract with their company, but they didn’t provide the reasonable fact for his termination, however, Muchenje should find ways to sustain his position in NetOne board since the board has lost 2 managers within 2 years. The acting chairperson might be also interested in overtaking the position since she is the one putting much efforts to convince Muchenje to terminate his contract.


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