FOCI, a Biometric Gadget That Boosts Senses

  • It’s a biometric wearables device
  • detects cognitive state,
  • Tracks the subconscious and personal insight.

FOCI is a biometrical wearable device, very light and it weighs 10g, designed to tracks the subconsciousness of user’s mind, and a sensor which corrects the cognitive state through notifications to a paired mobile devices, by showing coloured orbs. The device was launched in June 2018 while the idea of creating the Foci was born in May 2017.

The procedures on how it works, the user should start by installing the FOCI application to their Android or iPhone smartphones, then sign up for the application and accept the terms of using the application, the device works in connection with the mobile device through Bluetooth pairing with iPhone 5 and above, running iOS 8 or later also Android device running OS 4.3 or later with Bluetooth 4.0 support. The device will vibrate when the pairing is successful.


Here are the instructions on how to wear a Foci device, to work effectively: Clip the device to the waist, at the centre, under the abdomen, facing inwards to track breathing patterns. The device was designed for use while working seated for accuracy, one user because a biometric personalize to one person, and accurate reading can be obtained from the reading after at least 4 hours of learning ( the device will be capturing breathing patterns).

FOCI - Wearable that Boosts Your Focus

Foci have two sections of deep work and focus boost sessions. It clips to the user’s waist, captures cognitive states as a stream of coloured orbs, shows yellow orbs if the user is in focus, grey if not focusing, red if the user is stressed and blue if the user is feeling calm, these orbs helps in visualizing the mind and better understand for oneself. These colours will help users noticing the moment when they lose focus. So Foci users should always check the orbs as they add self-awareness on track and focus.

Foci device will also measure mental performance and improves performance. It has a deep work section and focuses on boost sessions. Users will know their focus, distraction, stress, and fatigue. Foci will evaluate how users have performed and how to improve, also guide users with mind techniques. It analyzes the records to dictates the potential, sets dynamic goals, that encourage users to achieve a little bit more.

Fatigue is also monitored by this biometric device, users should always check the suggested techniques before it’s too late for them to restore their minds. With Foci, users’ minds will be trained to shape focus by the biometric powered technology which provides cognitive training that is tailored to the user, improves brain areas that are responsible for analyzing, planning and attention.

Foci device have a sensor which improves the types of Focus, that is tuning out visual-auditory distraction, controlling procrastination and goal focus, sustaining prolonged attention, and getting into effortless deep focus.


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