Exploring Hacking vs Social Engineering

Image: NordVPN

Many people talk about hacking, but social engineering is the brains of that concept. Hacking is used as an umbrella term, but there are many ideas and concepts behind it. If someone wants to manipulate or to get essential information from someone’s digital device, the first idea that pops up is hacking. On the other hand, if a criminal mastermind wants to take down the entire bank financials then social engineering is required.

Social Engineering is mainly used for psychological intrigues and exploitations, thus its less technical. Hackers mainly use their skills to get access into builds or people’s accounts, instead Social engineering is more sophisticated because one can manipulate the employee personally and physically in order get passwords or key card so that an individual will end up having physical access to company’s buildings and private information.


Social network sites are the backbone of social engineering because social media handles contain all relevant and personal information about employees and companies, for instance, if a cybercriminal wants to manipulate Econet servers, he/she can research on companies that are mainly hired by Econet to fix their digital malfunctions, so that will give the criminal a chance to access Econet servers by getting in as one of the hired technicians.

Furthermore, a few minutes are required for someone to hack or to install malicious software in someone’s system but it takes time for someone who is using social engineering tactics to accomplish the move, taking, for example, criminals will often take weeks and months getting to know a place before even coming in the door or making a phone call. Their preparation might include finding a company phone list or org chart and researching employees on social networking sites like LinkedIn or Facebook.

The relations between hacking and social engineering they contain both similarities and deferences


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