WhatsApp recently updated its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The massage clearly states that for one to enjoy WhatsApp Services, one has to agree to these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy till February 8, 2021.


  • WhatsApp new Privacy Policy and Terms of Services allocates improvements in ways of communication between WhatsApp users, including through messages, voice and video calls and also sharing of videos and pictures
  • The terms also mentioned other affiliated Companies, businesses and other service providers that they will participate in the upbringing of the new services. Further, there will be the use of Global Infrastructure, which allows them, “to store and distribute content and information around the world”
  • WhatsApp identified “Facebook Companies” as part of the Affiliated Companies, thus, they will be, “integrations” that will enables users to “connect WhatsApp experiences with other Facebook company products” and “other services, such as to protect the safety, security and integrity of users and to provide technical infrastructures”.
  • Regarding third-party Service providers, terms reveal interrelations between WhatsApp and “Third- Party Services”. It mentioned that WhatsApp services may allow one “to access and interact with third- party Services as back up services for instance iCloud and Google Drive”.
  • According to the massage, if one violates these Term and Policies, they insisted to take effective action with respect of one’s account which includes, “disabling and suspending” one’s account, this will be in “accordance with Termination.

Current WhatsApp users are expected to accept the new terms and privacy policy, one can do this “by tapping (AGREE), “which take effect on February 8, 2021”.

To sum up, WhatsApp new terms of service and Privacy policy, appear to have left users without a room to make their demands, since it is made clear that WhatsApp will be soon sharing data with Facebook whether liking it or not and also the Opt-out option is no longer in function. 

Some could be anticipating that other users will look for alternatives to WhatsApp for cross-platform encrypted massaging. On the other hand, WhatsApp users should note that massaging remains end-to-end encrypted, thus Facebook cannot access the content of messages.


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