All in One app Launches Africas First Online Video Sharing Platform: Sasai Watch


Dubbed Africa’s super app Sasai, a company owned by Cassava Fintech International (CFI) a product of Econet, recently launched Sasai watch a platform which promises to become the largest library of African content.

The mobile application which already houses an instant massaging application similar to  China’s WeChat, but with much more functions most notably, the payments platform has added Sasai watch to its features. The payments functionality allows users to transfer money to and from users on the same platform, withdraw money on select payments platforms, as well as make payments for goods and services, for example, water and electricity bills, applications as well as visual and audio content. The app is part of Sasai Global’s super interactive offering that also includes Moments and Podcast. It is available to all Sasai users and will offer both free and subscription-based video content.


The Sasai Watch is seamlessly integrated into the Sasai wallet, which allows users to instantly pay for subscription-based services, without leaving the platform. Users will also be able to upload video content of up to 2Gigabytes through their mobile devices. The feature is also packed with a machine learning algorithm that enhances user experience by recommending video content to the user, based on previously viewed content and individuals are also able to add videos to their wish list. Sasai watch is set to take on YouTube, Tik Tok among others as it is better suited for African content providers and audiences. After all, it is an African region focused application aimed at providing Africans with an opportunity to create and upload video content to their audiences, friends and family via the Sasai app.

The most exciting thing about Sasai watch is that it allows content creators to get a living out of their productions through the Content Partners Programme launched by Sasai in October last year. The agreement allows content providers to upload and earn money through their platform which users could not do on other platforms. Introducing the new feature, the CFI group CEO Darlington Mandivenga said, “We are excited to deliver a solution that we believe will address concerns that have been raised over similar platforms that have been viewed as less favourable to African content creators, in terms of reach, compensation, and payment methods ”. The Sasai app aims to address these concerns by offering content creators a platform where they can easily upload content and collect payment conveniently. Less privileged content providers now have an opportunity to cheaply upload content and collect payments via mobile money.

Despite being the first in Africa, Sasai watch may be doomed to fail in this game as there is already intense competition from YouTube which has been dominating the video streaming industry global for the past 10 years. Having already failed to penetrate the chatting space with statistics showing that in Africa, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram use is very entrenched rendering it difficult to penetrate the space.

However, the app has great potential to succeed locally and the southern Africa region if Cassava Fintech international and its partners manage to convince popular local and regional content providers such as The comic pastor, Madam boss, Bus stop tv and with due time even Mark Angel television to use and upload their content on Sasai watch exclusively. This will bring more light on the app, tapping into the fans of the popular figures bringing about more users.

Above all accessing Sasai watch is very cheap as compared to youtube. Sasai bundles are relatively cheap, with the monthly bundle costing $35 for 450 Megabytes whereas a monthly data bundle costs $1000 for 1.4 Gigabytes. Sasai watch gives less privileged content providers and audiences a chance to connect with audiences, friends and family cheaply. These low prices are going to be pivotal in the apps penetration of the online video streaming platform.


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