Which One Would You Pick: iPhone or Android

We all know iPhone users are pompous people for some reason. Perhaps it is because of its special camera. Indeed an iPhones camera is something to admire. It transforms your surroundings making them more colourful and attractive compared with an androids camera. This is probably one of the main reasons why people own an iPhone besides to show off. Note that an androids camera is also great however they vary wildly with the device. That is to say, strong android devices like Google Pixel and Samsung Are not far behind iPhones.

In terms of storage, iPhones usually come with high ROMs but without a memory card space, while the new Android devices being released also have large ROM space and still has a memory card slot. Let’s take for example the newly unleashed Samsung galaxy s21 Ultra, it is packed with 512 gigabytes of internal storAge accompanied by 16 gigabytes of RAM and a memory card slot. So when comparing the latest iPhones and Androids, Android wins the contest in terms of memory.

When it comes to battery life and charging, from my experience they offer the same experiences. However, when it comes to connecting your smartphone phone to other gadgets, Android devices have the advantage. They use standard USB ports hence there are a considerable number of gadgets you can connect to your phone. Furthermore, Android USB cables are cheaper than iPhones lightning port.

People may also go for androids because they are flexible and easy to use. IPhones closed system is very strict, if you are an iPhone user who wants to download a song using vidmate then you are trying to go through a brick wall. You can only download music via iTunes and applications through Apple. Android is both an open-source system and far more open alternative applications either from known and unknown sources.

The latest iPhones and Androids are pretty much the same, they both have their advantages and disadvantages hence if you are thinking of purchasing a new smartphone, it comes down to your budget. For me, android does the trick as it is easy to use if you can use one Android device you will not be troubled using another.