New and Authentic Junk Clean up App for Windows and IOS: Donemax Data Eraser

Compromisation of sensitive information can cause devastating losses. Business can lose money, data and ultimately lead to a loss of trust from customers as a result of such occurrences.  To individuals, a data breach can result in massive humiliation, discrimination as well as financial losses and for these and other reasons, one should consider permanently delete data from their devices. This is where Donemax Data Eraser comes in handy.

Donemax data eraser is a windows and mac ios software application that allows you to permanently and selectively erase all data and folders from your computer, HHD, SSD, USB flash drive, memory card or any other storage device. After erasing data using Donemax, the deleted files will not go into the recovery bin but will be gone forever. Neither you nor anyone else will be able to retrieve the sensitive information preventing data leaks in the future and keeping it safe. The app also allows you to erase free disk space of your hard drive to permanently delete already deleted files stored in your recovery bin.

How it works

To erase files from a storage device, plug it in and open the app. Once it opens, it shows all the erasure and other tools on the side of the screen. Click the erase files or any other tool you want to use and all the devices connected to your Computer will show, select the drive you want to erase file/folders, select files/folders to erase. Click erase now on the bottom right of the screen and confirm your actions as once deleted your files can not be recovered by any method.

Other features

Apart from its erasing duties,donemax data eraser comes with additional features which are the disk tool, uninstaller, and internet cleaner. The Donemax disk tool enables you to manage your internal and external storage devices. You will be able to repair, format and rename your storage device securely. This means you can get those corrupted flash drives out of your drawer, install donemax data eraser and repair your asset with ease.

Furthermore, its Uninstaller enables you to uninstall unwanted programs and clean up all associated files and junk it leaves behind. The internet cleaner cleans up all your internet junk and traces including caches, histories, cookies etc.

The Downsides

There is almost nothing to complain about donemax data eraser. It seems to be on point as far as erasing data is concerned. However, the erasing process is frustratingly slow. It took me 7 minutes to delete a 1.2GB movie from my flash drive which is just a huge setback. The erasure speed complicates things.


The software is suitable for both personal and business use hence it is a good asset to own for those who dread their files being recovered behind their backs. However donemax has to do something about that erasure speed, it is a turnoff.