Facebook is Planning to Launch its own Smartwatch

  • Facebook is now pushing its hardware sector,
  • They are working on a smartwatch that will be able to connect to the internet and to make calls,
  • The smartwatch will be compatible with all Facebook features.

Facebook Information Portal team has revealed that they are going to focus on the production and selling of Hardware.

Zuckerberg’s company have succeeded in this sphere, taking into consideration Oculus( the headsets redefine digital gaming and entertainment) Facebook is the parent organisation of this company, while other products such as the Portal Smart screen or the once long-planned smartphone that never succeeded in the international market.

Also, now they want to introduce a product that will connect to mobile networks, allegedly based on Android. This smartwatch will be able to connect to the internet and also to make calls. On the other hand, Face book is also working on its operating system in parallel, so the smartwatch could come with, completely independent Operating System. No smartphone will be required to connect to the smartwatch as it is expected to access the internet via a cellular connection.

Moreover, this watch will include messaging, health and fitness features. This will be a direct completion with smartwatch titans like Apple & Fitbit. The proposed smartwatch would be compatible with all FB’s existing platforms. This will allow users to track their workouts with friends, get in touch with trainers, and offer some kind of quick chat feature without having to pick up a smartphone. Facebook plans to make its devices compatible with health and fitness products from companies like Peloton.

In conclusion, this is apparent proof, to show that Facebook is indeed in the process of pushing further their Hardware sector