Best Online Payment Platform In Zimbabwe: Paynow and Contipay

  • What are Paynow and Contipay
  • Services available
  • Best online payment facilitator in Zimbabwe

The world is becoming more and more reliant on online payment systems because of their ability to save transport money and most importantly time. You can pay your child’s tuition fees while you are away from home even abroad.

Online payment systems have also ensured the survival of businesses and government over the Covid 19 induced lockdown when movement is restricted and businesses are closed. The system allows a business to receive payments from customers online in every currency in the country.

As our reliance on mobile payments increase, so does our expectations for a smooth and quick experience on the platforms.

Now let us delve into today’s business, helping you decide which platform to utilise between Paynow and Contipay. Both are online payment facilitators that offer 24/7 hour services allowing you to make online e payment for anything from anywhere with internet access.

Both platforms support payment made using VISAcards, MasterCards, EcoCash, Zipit, Telecash, Onemoney and Rtgs FCA.

The main difference between the two is the experience one gets using each platform, services and features.

When it comes to simplicity, Paynow takes it home. Everything is arranged in a simple categorized manner which makes it user friendly. Services on the platform include Utility bills Tuition, fees, fuel, ZESA pre-paid. After completing the transaction, an email will be sent to you confirming the transfer.

As you continue using the platform your experience will get better using the recent activity tab which allows you to quickly repeat your regular purchases. On the Paynow platform, you can also make airtime and bundles purchases for yourself and friends and family at zero cost.

Contipay however does not offer as many services as they are still only in partnership with a few firms which include TV sales and home, Delta Beverages, Dairibord and Lafarge.

Based on this analysis and my experience using the platform, it is clear that PayNow is the best platform you can use to make online payments