What’s Trending in Smart Home Technology

With over 52 million smart homes in the United States, it’s clear that what was once thought to be a passing trend is actually here to stay. And it’s not hard to see why. Smart homes not only help homeowners save money on their utility bills, but they also help complete household tasks and allow for easier control of every aspect of the home.

Given they are so popular, technology brands across the globe are investing a lot of money into creating and manufacturing brand new devices targeting homeowners. And when taking a look at what devices are slated to be released in the coming years, there are a few clear smart home trends that are poised to take over the industry.

The future of smart homes will be more integrated, more connected and will operate more independently from their owners than ever before. Homeowners should expect to see devices catered to keeping their families healthy and safe as well, as the recent pandemic has put these needs at the forefront.

For a greater breakdown of smart home trends and the devices that will likely explode in popularity in the coming years, take a look at the infographic from Hippo Insurance below: