RecordCast Review: How To Share Information On your Computer Screen

  • Reasons to record your screen,
  • How to spy on employees activities,
  • How to create tutorial videos.

Screen recorders are one of the most useful tools out there because they can be employed in many sectors of society such as business and education. It allows you to take a digital recording of any content on a computer screen and save it. A good example of such software is RecordCast.

What is RecordCast?

RecordCast is a free online screen recorder that comes bundled with an inbuilt video editor. The web tool does not require a user to sign up, register or even download the tool on your pc, you just visit and start recording. Any person with basic digital skills or non can operate it because it is straight forward.

The web app allows you to make a screen capture of the whole screen, application windows, or browser tab as you see fit. The video is saved locally, on your hard disk.

Reasons to Record your screen

Improve business communication

Having to operate your computer during a presentation or product demo can be challenging which is why you should record it in advance using a RecordCast screen recorder you can then carry the presentation in video format on a flash drive or your computer. this makes it easier to share your ideas with your collaborators and clients by allowing you to pause and [play the video when explaining

Check Your Employee’s Performance

Coupled with a call recording tool, a screen recorder can be used to monitor your employee’s activities. Capturing your employees’ screen during their daily activities will provide you with excellent insight into their performance.

Enhance Learning

Online or E-learning had become the order of the day in Zimbabwe and still is in other countries where covid 19 induced lockdown restrictions are still in place. Recording your screen helps you save the online lessens, courses or lectures for later study. It is always convenient to learn while watching than reading.

Create Tutorial Videos

You can create video content for your youtube channel or any other video sharing platform teaching your audiences how to complete certain tasks on your computer step by step. For example, you can record your screen showing how one can install software updates on their computer.

Share An Experience

Another benefit of screen recording is that if you can see it, you can capture it. The tool can be used to share an experience online or with friends eg games. You can record your screen while playing an exciting game, save and edit the video for sharing or storing.

Furthermore, you can use the app to save data or webpages for use when you are no longer connected to the internet.


The downside of the RecordCast is that it is limited to only 30 munites of screen recording. This means you will have to squeeze everything you want to include in the video into 30 minutes.


I rate RecordCast with a 9-10 because it serves its purpose of creation with ease. Its video editor functionality also gives you everything to create an amazing video in one place. It would have been a 10 – 10 if it was not for the limited recording time.