Nedbank Mobile App Review: How Mobile Banking Apps Should Operate

  • Digital transformation in the banking sector,
  • Nedbank’s mobile banking app, a pacesetter,
  • Access your bank account for free.

Digital banking, more commonly known as Mobile banking has changed has transformed banking as we know it. Millions if not billions have resolved to use the platform for mostly two reasons, it is fast and convenient. As time has passed, our demand for a rapid, convenient and secure experience in particularly mobile banking apps has increased and that has led to the development of more evolved apps, in particular the Nedbank mobile app.

Nedbank’s app is data free, which means you don’t need data bundles or internet access to use the platform. All you do is turn on your mobile data and you are in. In terms of convenience, this is the greatest convenience a mobile banking app can offer to customers and all banks should be adopting the tech.

Apart from being data free, the app responds incredibly fast. The login and registration process is swift, the OTP is received almost immediately which is just a convenient experience, the type of experience all banks should be looking to give to their customers.

Other Features

Another major feature on the bank’s platform is its instant query logging that allows users to submit queries instantly without data, further enhancing its customer services. The app also features USD mobile banking which allows you to View your USD account, make balance enquiries, get mini-statements and make DSTV payments within the Nedbank app, swift ZIPIT to mobile wallets and proof of payments.


The Nedbank Mobile App is surely one of the best mobile banking applications in Zimbabwe as it truly gives its users instant banking and instant results, anywhere, anytime, at no cost. The app is available in Play Store.