Lenovo Grabs 25.1% Market Share As PC Purchases Grew 32%

  • Global Purchases of PCs grows
  • Lenovo is the best PC manufactures as of March 2021
  • PC demand to continue increasing.

Global shipments of Personal Computers (PCs), both laptops and desktop reportedly rose at their fastest pace in the last 20 years in the first quarter of 2021 (1 January to 31 march) to record a 32% growth in the quarter under review to 69.9 million units.

According to research firm Gartner, China’s Lenovo grabbed the top spot with a 25.1% market share, followed by HP, Dell technologies, Apple and Acer.

The sharp growth can be attributed to the covid 19 induced lockdown restrictions as people bought computers to help them continue their day-to-day activities including work, remotely. A term that has been made trending by the coming of the coronavirus in 2019.

The introduction of online learning platforms also contributed to this growth as parents harried to purchase the necessary gadgets for their children to avoid them being left behind in accessing learning material and lessons.

More so, we had to keep ourselves entertained in our houses hence the need to have the necessary equipment and gadgets to access the internet. PC demand could continue to rise even after lockdown restrictions are lifted as remote work or working from home is likely to become a post-pandemic norm due to the vivid advantages it brings to both the employer and employee as we witnessed with the coming of covid 19.

Most importantly, digitalisation has and is transforming the way we carry out our daily activities and because of that, we are reaching the point where everyone is expected to have a PC. Parents are also being advised to give their children access to these technologies at a tender age as computer knowledge is more becoming of a basic necessity.

Furthermore, governments across the globe are also expected to ensure that E-learning also stays to work hand in hand with face-to-face learning hence the growth may continue to increase.