The Significance Of Twitter Coming To Africa

  • Twitter announces its first African base of operations in Ghana
  • The expansion is part of Twitters expansion strategy
  • Locals to be employed

Twitter recently announced its first base of operations in Africa headquarters in Ghana, with the mission of increasing the number of people who feel comfortable using the platform and as an expansion strategy, a decision that could see Ghana and the whole of Africa benefit greatly.

Having a headquarters close by surely changes the relationship between Africa, changes that could be used to bring improvements or alterations that could perhaps better Africa’s future experiences on the platform. For Ghana, this privilege given to them will see local talents being employed as part of Twitter’s Africa team in several departments of this headquarters that include design and engineering as the company announced.

“We are looking for specialists to join several teams including product, design, engineering, marketing and communications. Full details on current job openings can be found on the Twitter Careers site. Aligned with our existing WFH policies (a collaborative document that establishes the rules and regulations of telecommuting between employees and the business), we look forward to welcoming and onboarding our new team members remotely so that we can make an immediate impact while we explore the opportunity to open an office in Ghana in the future.” Twitter explained.

Twitters decision to come closer to the continent allows local emerging technologies such as our own Sasai platform to engage twitter and learn from its success.

The company has already established mental health and cultural partnerships with local communities in Africa that include Afrochella and the Hacklab foundation in Ghana, Amref Health Africa in Kenya, and mentally aware Nigerian’s initiative (MANI) in Nigeria. With a base of operation, locally Twitter is surely set to engage more with other African countries to set up similar partnerships and ventures in countries that support free internet access

Twitter also said their decision to base their operations in Africa in Ghana is mainly because they are champions of democracy that support free speech, online freedom and open access to the internet, a right that is being violated across Africa by oppressive governments. Movements that Twitter fully supports as its revenue outcome depends on the number of people that can access the internet and access their platform.

Perhaps other governments such as Uganda will see the possible positive outcomes that come with democracy, online freedom and open internet access. Twitter’s growth strategy of getting close to the continent and taking part and supporting in local initiatives could see twitter increase its user base as the plan has great potential to tap into those left behind as it becomes more familiar to them.

The HQ is yet to be constructed but the individuals who do manage to fill these positions will carry their duties remotely, a term that has been popular by the coming of the coronavirus and is expected to become a post-pandemic norm. construction plans are set to commence later this year.