Airtag, Newly Released Apple Tracking Device

  • Apple unleashes AirTag
  • Is it the first of its kind?
  • Locate lost items

Apple on Tuesday introduced its AirTag device that will help users track and find lost items. The coin-shaped tracking device can be attached to keys, wallet, dogs, satchel and almost everything else that matters.

The gadget will work with an updated version of the Find My app on all major Apple devices. An airbag can be purchased in one of the four-packs for $29 and $99 respectively and will be available beginning this Friday.

Once attached to an item and set up, the accessory allows remote tracking
via Bluetooth from the owners Find My app on their device, users can see its exact location and remotely ring it from the app.

What if I’m out of Bluetooth range?

Worry not, you can use the latest update of the Find My app which allows access to apples Find My network which consists of millions of Apple devices to locate their lost items.

The update also allows third-party devices(Non-Apple) to use the private finding capabilities of the Find My Network. This means other manufacturers can also utilize the network to help their customers find their belongings through the Find My Network accessory program.
Manufacturers can also create new tracking devices based on the Find My Network tech.

Is The First Of Its Kind?

No, Apple is entering a market with competitors including Samsung which already released its own Bluetooth powered item finder in January, the Galaxy SmartTag ($30) which works for hand in hand with its SmartThings app and Tile ($25).