WhatsApp Privacy Policy’s Deadline May 15 Draws Closer, What You Need To Know

  • What happens if you don’t accept the new terms by May 15?
  • Should you accept the new WhatsApp privacy policy?
  • What is the May 15 deadline?

If you haven’t accepted the new Terms and Conditions by then, Whatsapp will not delete your account,” the company states in a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on its website.

In early January, Telegram and Signal received a massive influx of new users after WhatsApp announced their new privacy terms and conditions which resulted in a worldwide backlash causing Facebook to delay the cut-off date for users to accept its new terms for using WhatsApp (From 8 February to 15 May 2021).

There were raised concerns across the world that Whatsapp may be planning to increase the amount of data it shares with Facebook(including personal information, messages, chats, and call logs). A claim Whatsapp dismissed as misinformation.

“The policy affects WhatsApp Business accounts and not the regular WhatsApp accounts”. Facebook

What happens if you don’t accept the new terms by May 15?

WhatsApp users who will no have accepted the updated terms of service and privacy policies before 15 May 2021 will not be able to send and receive messages on the Facebook-owned massaging platform until they do so. After the 15 May deadline, the account will be listed as inactive for 120 days before its deleted.

Now that they are going ahead with the changes, What does this mean to WhatsApp Users?

Users only have two options at play

1.Accept terms

It’s either you accept the updated privacy terms and policy conditions before the deadline or before the extended 120 days.

or Leave WhatsApp

If you think Whatsapp does not protect your privacy enough you can alternatively export your entire chat history to your new prefered instant massaging app and delete your account.

Telegrams recent update, version 7.4 came with a migration feature that lets you migrate your Whatsapp chat history to telegram on both IOS and Android devices. This feature relies on Whatsapps “export chat” function which you can access on an IOS device by opening the contact or group information page, tap export chat then select Telegram. On an Android device, open the chat or group you want to export, select options on the top right corner, select more and tap export chat before you select telegram in the share menu.

So the decision is yours but perhaps you may still be seeking answers to questions like…

Will privacy be guaranteed?

Your private messages are protected unless you share your verification cord. WhatsApp uses end to end encryption which means only the sender and receiver can intercept the shared massage, not even WhatsApp or their parent company Facebook can. So if it is privacy you are worried about Whatsapp got you covered.

Which data is shared with Facebook?

BBC reported that Whatsapp was already sharing with Facebook, information such as your IP and information about your device as well as purchases made via the platform before the worldwide outcry over the new terms.

So you are gonna decide to leave Whatsapp just know that they already have been collecting the information that is going to be collected in the updated privacy terms (Since 2016). If you are okay with the terms you using now then you will be okay with the new terms.

How to accept the new terms

At the moment there is no way to accept the new privacy terms however since we are getting closer to the said deadline they will soon let us know how to on our statuses. WhatsApp informed us when they introduced themselves on their status platforms in March that they will be using the platform to inform users about future updates.

When WhatsApp announced changes in the privacy policy, quite many users migrated to Telegram and signal (in a global context), but Zimbabweans did not react in that same manner. They were barely bothered showing they are not concerned about the changes but they still just have to accept the terms before the said deadline