Turn your WhatsApp Voice Notes into TEXT

  • How to turn voice notes into text?
  • Does it transcribe Shona?
  • Does it work?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t listen to a received voice note (VN), get transcribe for WhatsApp and read them as text.

How it works

You first need to download the app on the Play Store and then return to your WhatsApp. Select a voice note you want to be converted into text and once highlighted hit the share icon and select Transcribe for WhatsApp and it will turn the voice note into text you can read in a popup.

Does it work?

When I shared a voice note with the app, here is what was recorded and what the app transcribed. 

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I noticed that for the app to correctly transcribe your voice notes into text, the pronouncement of words has to be clear and audible hence whether the app works or not depends on how clear your English is.

It is worth noting that this app does not transcribe Shona or any other language other than English but for a regular English user, the app can be useful

However, the best option if you find yourself in a place where you can’t listen to your VN out loud, is to place your phone in your ear while playing the voice note. It automatically switches and starts playing through the earpiece just like we do with phone calls