Omnidirectional VR Treadmills Could Change the Gaming Industry

The global video game industry is worth $138 billion at the moment and will continue to grow. Technology is an essential part of gaming, and it follows along as the gaming industry expands. 

In the past, gamers played games on arcade game machines. Then came PCs, followed by Xbox and other game consoles. The technology of today and gaming have merged to create an immersive experience with an omnidirectional treadmill. This is how it works. 

How Does a VR Treadmill Work?

The VR treadmill is a device that allows its user to move in all directions. It’s designed to work as a game controller, where the user can have 360-degree movement while playing the game. 

The VR treadmill is a big platform that comes with special shoes that reduce friction and a harness that keeps the gamer in place. It uses sensors to track the gamer’s position, speed, and movements and translate them into a VR environment. 

Games for VR Treadmill

Naturally, for it to work, a game should be optimized for VR. At the moment, some of the games designed for VR treadmills are: 

  • Omni Arena 
  • VRZ Torment 
  • Coin Rush
  • Nature Treks 
  • Vindicta 

There are many genres to choose from, and these games can usually be purchased on Steam. The gaming experience in VR is unlike any other. Even though there are many pros of VR treadmills, there are some cons to consider before buying them. 

Pros and Cons of a VR Treadmill

One of the biggest pros of this treadmill is that it’s easy to set it up. It also has no limitations when it comes to speed, so gamers can run as fast as they like, in any direction. Another pro is the true immersion that gamers love. The VR treadmill can also be a fun home gym since it calls for full-body movements.  

The biggest con is the price. Many VR treadmills are too expensive for a regular gamer. What’s more, most of them aren’t suitable for very tall people. They’d have to squat to be able to play. Another con is that it still requires some work to mirror the body movements accurately. 

The Future of VR Treadmills

Since VR treadmills are too expensive for an average user, the first thing manufacturers will need to figure out is how to cut the price. If more people tried VR treadmills, VR companies would gain more insight into what users liked and disliked about them. That would be the first step toward exploring how VR treadmills could be improved. 

VR companies could also make them less robust and flexible to fit all body types and create better systems to improve support for VR games. 

Final Notes

VR treadmills could quickly become the future of gaming. They allow for complete immersion and an improved gaming experience. At the moment, they are not as affordable, which narrows down the number of users. 

In the future, companies should make them cheaper and less robust. VR treadmills have the power to change the gaming industry, but they must be available to all.