Why iTel Smartphones Are Ideal for Zimbabweans

Social Media has unjustifiably become a troll ground for iTel users with people creating memes ridiculing the Chinese-made smartphones, but not everyone can afford a flagship phone like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro and the rest of the two giants’ platinum models. The good news is that there are plenty of cheaper devices that offer an excellent experience all the same and iTel brands come in handy under that category.

They (iTel) are arguably the best devices to use in economies like Zimbabwe, but before we dig deeper into that, let us start with explaining what iTel smartphones are. 

In the world of smartphones, we have low-cost phones, mid-range phones and flagships. Low cost or budget phones mostly are your ordinary phones which can text and make calls, Mid-range phones Mid-range smartphones aim to combine flagshiplevel features with great value. You may have to compromise slightly on one aspect or another, like the camera or build quality, but it’s often totally worth it to save hundreds – and some of the phones at the top of the price range are flagships in their own right. 

A flagship phone is the latest and greatest from a brand. It’s the last phone they released and it’s often the phone that costs the most. Most brands and manufacturers release new and improved smartphone models every year, replacing last year’s flagship phone. 

Flagships have the latest hardware and they are still quite pricy, but they’re more reasonably priced than premium options. Usually, they are far cheaper, and considerable sacrifices have been made to some of the hardware components to reach a more affordable price.

We have come to conclude that iTel smartphones are ideal for Zimbabweans based on what most users want smartphones for. After running research our team came up to the conclusion that most Zimbabweans use their smartphones for WhatsApp, Facebook and taking pictures, all that matters for most users is if the phone’s battery will last longer and not forgetting the price tag. 

The most popular iTel in Zimbabwe is the A36 why? iTel A36 price in the country ranges from $40 to $55. The devices come with a 5.5-inch HD screen which is big enough for users to watch videos from it. What makes it popular with users is its impressive battery capacity. The 3020 mAh high-density lithium battery is good enough for any user to last the whole day while they take pictures and chat on WhatsApp.

The A36 also has a fingerprint security feature that makes the device stand out from most Android Flags, the fingerprint sensor enables you to take pictures, unlock apps, as well as record videos.

iTel phones will take the all-round good-value approach, with capable specs in each area; others will focus on a key trait, such as the camera or display, and promise flagship-rivalling capabilities in that one aspect; others still used to be those flagships, so will offer fantastic specs at a brilliant price, but maybe running on slightly older hardware.

Let us all try to remember that it’s not always about specs either. We’ve hit something of a ceiling when it comes to smartphone tech anyway, so although these phones may not be as fast as your average flagship brands, they are almost certainly fast enough for most users. Go for a phone that balances value, performance, features and design in a way that appeals to you and your needs.