Senditoo Money Delivery Systems Lacks One Thing

You might have heard of the relatively new kid on the mobile money transfer block called Senditoo that is offering an innovative bridge for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to send airtime credit, purchase electricity vouchers and even send hard cash to their friends and family back home.

To those who are not yet familiar with this company, Senditoo, was founded by UK based Zimbabwean Takwana Tyaranini and his Guinean business partner Ibrahima Soumano in 2016 and was initially a service that solely focused on allowing migrants to send instant mobile phone credit to their loved ones in over 140 countries across the world.

 It since evolved to incorporate mobile money transferring and the company’s revenue is said to have increased by over 600% globally in approximately 36 months while they have progressively become the favourite airtime transfer and electricity buying platform for Zimbabweans living in the UK, with 30% of their transaction volume coming from there.

Senditoo offers an easy way to send money from your mobile phone. The payer in the diaspora simply needs to visit From there all they need to do is select “Send Money”, enter the amount they wish to send & the recipient’s phone number. Customers can collect their cash from any of the CABS, NMB or Banc ABC Banks across Zimbabwe.

Just recently Senditoo saw a particularly large demand for their home cash delivery service which allows the diasporas to send money right to their recipient’s doorstep. We are all in favour that this is a wonderful service the company is providing problems comes when the recipient is not sure when they will receive the cash in the comfort of their home.

Senditoo should come up with an accurate money delivery system that shows the recipient the Estimated Time of Arrival of the cash. This system should be better than alerting the clients that they will receive their cash with 24 hours. 

The company should come up with a timer that will be sent to the recipient either via a text or within the Senditoo App. By doing this the recipient will be rest assured that they will get their cash at an estimated time rather than leaving in the shadow and wait to get a call from the company that they coming with the money.

We also looked at the Senditoo App and we were quite impressed with the loading speed and the latency it has, the UX is on point anyone can use the app. We hoping that in the next upcoming upgrades of the App, the developers will consider almost adding a feature where recipients can track this money and activities and also include a wallet whereby if the recipient has received the money, they can opt to withdraw a certain amount and keep the reminder in the wallet.