Zimbabwe Digital Passport Platform To Be Launched In November

The coronavirus disease was first noticed in China and declared a global pandemic in 2020. Most parts of the world are under lockdown to help stop the spreading of the disease from one person and another. Early this year World Health Organisation approved the use of COVID-19 vaccines to protect the world from contact and transmission of the virus. Various ways to mitigate were deployed and used here in Zimbabwe. A few days ago the Government of Zimbabwe launched an improved COVID-19 vaccination certificate to curb issues of counterfeit fraud & forgery of these paper vaccination cards.

There is no digital contact tracing platform for COVID-19 in Zimbabwe that allowed Zimbabwean medical investigators to track, trace and predict. Zimbabwe has been using manual contact tracing since March 2020 and this has not been so effective and efficient leaving out loopholes up until today, about 130, 000 COVID-19 cases not fully documented or known how COVID-19 transmitted and spread from the first COVID-19 case up to the last case.

Zimbabwe Government in March 2020, through His Excellency President ED Mnangagwa, challenged the nation and entrepreneurs to develop digital ICT technologies to help eradicate and flatten the COVID-19 infection curve and ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages for Sustainable Development Goals guidelines set by United Nations for AGENDA 2030, this also follows again the speech made at ITU Digital World 2020 held virtually outlines what POTRAZ Chairman, Dr Machengete believes will happen in several industries like trade, education and governance in October 2020 where he also challenged the nation to develop ICTs in wake of COVD-19 Pandemic.

Various COVID-19 hackathons were launched and winners were funded and nothing took off from the ground. Due to the ongoing lockdown, most industries and businesses are shut down and they are facing a huge loss. Keeping this in mind, Hiclicker (Zim Tech-Startup) took technological research on Zimbabwean COVID-19 related problems and challenges by applying deep computer science and deep technical insights to solve COVID-19 problems at scale and come up with ICT based strategies that help in slowly lifting the shutdown.

Hiclicker believes that the COVID-19 virus could lead the Zimbabwe economy on the verge of collapse and the emergence of new COVID-19 mutation or variants as we approach another low temperature and festive season where a high number of our relatives will be returning to Zimbabwe.

One of the ways is to issue Zimbabwe Digital Passport immunity Covid-19 certificates that show that the user is fully vaccinated from COVID-19 and is immune meaning that there is a presence of antibodies to protect from COVID-19 pathogens. However global scientists are not so sure how will the vaccination last and will it protect from the second infection research into this is being carried out.

One of the strategies by Hiclicker is to offer a health digital immunity passport. Zimbabwe Digital Passport is a blockchain COVID-19 platform, that Hiclicker has invented in a bid to assist the Government of Zimbabwe‘s efforts to combat the spread and transmission of COVID-19 digitally. The platform offers a blockchain health digital immunity passport that gives the user freedom to access public places during this COVID-19 pandemic, It means those fully vaccinated are free and allowed to go back to work since they are now immune to COVID-19 with features such as digital contact tracing, COVID-19 check-in and Roadblocks (a game changer for ZRP Law Enforcement), Digital Facemask, Social Distance Scan, Fake News Debunker, digital COVID-19 vaccination certificates, Panic button & Emergence services, COVID-19 vaccines info & booking, COVID-19 statistics, Essential Service feature, Travel Mode, Vaccine or Medicine Reminder and other critical government departments such as ZACC (Zimbabwe Anti- Corruption Commission) reporting platform, Agritex Pfumvudza awareness platform, CPU (Civil Protection Unit) platform, Child Abuse reporting platform, RBZ Financial Intelligence reporting platform and ZETDC reporting platforms.

The platform is built on blockchain and secure and can be accessed globally, the Hiclicker team is working with other SADCC countries to make the platform interoperable with other governments via APIs.