UNPD Zimbabwe Partners Chipinge Town Council On A Digital Training and Job Placement Program

UNPD Zimbabwe and Chipinge Town Council are partnering on a digital training and job placement program aimed at preparing Zimbabwean youth for the jobs of tomorrow. The programs will see youths in Chipinge with an IT background undergo an intense 4-month training program followed by job placements at public and private firms. UNDP will recruit the brightest and motivated youths with a strong background in coding either having acquired it in school or being self-taught. YIP will consist of three accelerated training blocks, each running for a month and leading up to job placements or entrepreneurial support for students to further develop ideas generated during the three months.

The objective of the Young Innovators Program is to utilize technology to create youth employment whilst accelerating the pace at which digital solutions are adopted by the public and private sectors in Zimbabwe. This will be achieved via the four pathways described below.  

Creation of innovation spaces: UNDP is setting up innovation hubs across small towns in Zimbabwe to create a space where young people can learn how to utilize digital technologies as means to job creation and solving local challenges. The Hubs will be equipped with state-of-the-art computer hardware and software that is connected to fast broadband internet and a solar backup power system.  Thus, UNDP innovation hubs will serve as a central place in town where young minds can access tools and support that would be out of their reach. The spaces will benefit from AccLab’s solution mapping activities which identify grassroots solutions.

Soft-Skills training: YIP will leverage an existing soft skills training program offered through Youth connect to deliver a soft skills training curriculum that ensures that YIP graduates have the business and networking skills required to turn ideas/innovations into profitable solutions. The curriculum will cover major pitfalls faced in creating a business or day to day running of an existing business.

Private sector partnerships: UNDP and partner will utilize their unique position and track record to establish partnerships with private sector firms that can hire students upon graduating from the program. Private sector partners will be engaged throughout the course of the program starting from the design of the training curriculum. A skills gap analysis with private sector partners will ensure that YIP is relevant to the needs of Zimbabwean companies. Partners will be provided with feedback on student performance and interest to make sure that job placement is optimized for both employer and employee to benefit.

Required Skills and Experience
Education: A diploma or university degree in a field related to computers, coding, ICT. Candidate should have passed Maths and English at O’Level;   
Experience: Aged between 20-30 years; A current or former resident of Chipinge willing to take part in in-person training, three times a week. Each lesson will be 2 hours long; Willingness to relocate to Chipinge for four months during the duration of the program.
Language Requirements: An excellent command of English and Local Language is a requirement

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