FBC Bank Introduces New Mobile Number For Noku Digital Assistant

FBC Bank has introduced a new mobile number for  Noku Digital Assistant. The old number  0776 670 211 has been replaced with 0787 220 220 as part of the bank’s continuous product improvement initiatives aimed at offering high-quality products and maximizing the convenience to clients.

Existing FBC account-holders who are registered for Mobile Moola can start banking with Noku on Whatsapp by saving the new number 0787 220 220 on their smartphones as a phone contact. Once Noku’s contact is saved, one can initiate a conversation with Noku in the same way they do when chatting with a friend or relative on WhatsApp. One can start the conversation with Noku with any greeting message of their choice such as  ‘Greetings’, ‘Hi’, ‘Whatsapp’,

‘Etaa’, ‘Maswera sei?’ or  ‘Ndeipi’ to start banking or insuring with Noku. Noku can serve clients with the following services:


        Digital Account Opening

        Balance Enquiry

        Mini Statement

        Bill Payments

        Internal Transfers

        Zipit to Other Banks

        Zipit to Cell

        Mobile Banking Pin change

        Block Card Functionality

        Beneficiary Management

Insurance Services

        Third-party insurance

        Third-party and Zinara licence

        Zinara licence only

Noku is  FBC Bank’s Smart Digital  Assistant who has been equipped with the capability of assisting clients with executing banking and insurance services on Whatsapp at any time of the day…24/7. Noku also allows anyone to open an  FBC  Instant  Account or  Mobile  Moola wallet  on  WhatsApp without visiting a physical branch.