How Face-ID Technology Will Affect the Way We Live

Tech has the power to revolutionize the way people live in unforeseeable ways. Look at what the internet has done for people. Face ID tech seems to be on the rise, and it’s bound to do the same thing. The following are some ways this tech might change the way people live.

With the Law

One main drive behind face ID tech is the law and security. It makes sense that some of the biggest changes are going to show up in the world of law and security. The technology will help identify jaywalkers and send the bill for their crimes later on.

Law enforcement could identify a suspected terrorist at the airport in real-time. Law and security should improve with this tech. Policing won’t cost cities as much because most of it will be done through technology, which could help governing bodies allocate money more effectively.

At Work

A lot of people are working online nowadays. They are working remotely, which makes it harder for employers to keep track of them.

That will be an issue no longer. New time clock technology comes equipped with face ID to help employers easily track employee attendance. This will make payroll for many businesses a lot easier, bringing down the amount of time it takes to conduct bookkeeping.

Securing Devices

Phones are using this technology to ensure only the owner has access to their phones. Imagine what is going to be possible if this type of tech is implemented elsewhere.

It can prevent car thieves from taking another person’s car. It can ensure that virtually any device or tool is only used by the rightful owner. That’s going to save people a lot of money, and it’ll help crackdown on crime more effectively.

With Accounts

Everyone has an account somewhere, like at the bank or with credit card companies. All of these accounts contain all sorts of personal information.

Sometimes, criminals use these accounts to steal someone’s money or identity. Companies can use face ID to ensure that only the owner has access to their accounts. This is going to crack down on identity theft, which has become a big problem nowadays.

Better Consumer Experience

Face ID could also be helpful for the consumer experience industry. People like the businesses they frequent to cater to them. Most people want to feel special. Facial recognition tech can help businesses recognize their customers.

It may even help them know what customers want before the customer asks. Shop owners can direct their customers to the aisles they need. That’s a wild thing that people can get used to pretty quickly. Even ads can recognize you and present ads that might interest you, which can save you time.

Easier Personalization

Facial recognition tech could also make personalization much easier. Every car you sit in will remember your seat and temperature preferences. Everything you use could adjust to your preferences whenever you used them and change when someone else in your family uses them.

That is pretty cool, and it’ll make life a bit easier or at least more comfortable. Those arguments about who changed certain settings will disappear. People can use a new tool to decrease arguments, which means more peace in a household. That is just one more thing face ID tech could bring.


You have to show your ID or proof of payment everywhere. It’s a little annoying, and it sometimes slows things down since doing all these checks means you have to stand in line. Maybe you have to wait for the train to take off until everyone is checked.

All that could disappear. Facial recognition tech could easily identify everyone without the need for checking. If the tickets are paid or if you’ve been cleared to enter, you can just go about your day without confirming anything again. That type of peace of mind is priceless, and it’ll save people time and potential headaches.

You can see how much this type of tech could revolutionize the way people live. It almost feels like the tech is going create a life closer to what science fiction movies and stories have foretold for ages.