Tips & Features of Developing Courier App Like Uber for Your Business

Apps are highly effective applications used by businesses to reach out their products and services to people anywhere and everywhere. Given the significant role of an app for any business, ensuring it is user-friendly and well-functioning is of utmost importance. That is why we have come to you with numerous tips and features for developing your very own Courier App Like Uber.

Convenience has grown to be a necessary part of our society, especially during the current pandemic. Consequently, businesses have integrated offering convenient products and services into their primary objects. Businesses accomplish this goal by developing user-friendly apps that enable customers to place orders, track and even rate the delivery service.  So, now customers can receive anything from clothes to food at their doorstep with only a few taps.

Effective Features of a Courier App

1. Easy Registration and Profile Creation

The first interaction the customer has with your app is through the registration process. Therefore, ensuring that the process is hassle-free and fast is necessary because if users find it complicated, they may choose to not complete it.  So, make the registration simple by providing options for the customer to register using their social media accounts. Lastly, make sure that the profile management feature is supported with a secure backend to keep the user details safe.

2. Placing an Order

Design a user interface that enables users to place orders quickly and easily while also providing them basic information such as pickup and drop-off location, customer information, service information, prices, and delivery time.

3. Real-Time Tracking

This is a core feature of a delivery app that enables both the shipper and the receiver to track the shipment of packaging in real-time with the help of GPS tracking systems. Moreover, this fantastic feature allows the nearest driver available to be matched, and multiple routes are supported meaning customers have a choice to add various addresses in the address list. The ability to track orders also enables transparency and security during the delivery so this is a mandatory feature.

4. Payment Options

For making payments easier, incorporate a wide range of payment options such as card payment, payment gateways, mobile wallet, and NFC payments. As a marketing strategy for attracting customers, you can also offer promo or voucher codes and this will certainly excite them. In terms of bills, some customers prefer keeping a hard copy so you can provide a digital copy of the bill with basic information like order ID, shipment charges, item description, time, and date of delivery.

5. Handling Bookings

Shippers can provide crucial information regarding the delivery such as item description, time and date, image, etc, and they can alter the details or even cancel the booking. Moreover, if any damages were present during the delivery, the shippers can get the packages or deliveries insured. This feature also enables both shippers and drivers to view their booking history which includes details of their cancelled, active, and upcoming deliveries. A driver can decide to accept or decline the delivery as per the individual’s comfort.

6. Push Notifications and App interaction

Shippers and receivers get live updates on the app regarding the delivery status which includes the estimated time of delivery and any modifications in the time or route of the delivery. Another crucial feature is the option for interacting with the involved parties either by call or chat available on the app. This way, the customer can comment on anything regarding the delivery. As a result, this helps to create a positive user experience so customers can be easily retained.

Tips For Developing Effective Courier Apps

Offer Instant Support

Let’s be honest, no one likes to wait or be redirected when seeking support so the same goes for your users. Ensure your customers have features like a chat box or call support to instantly assist them with their problems. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the customer will have a poor experience resulting in you losing customers.

Conduct Regular Screening

Carry out the selection process with the assistance of good contractors and conduct regular screening to avoid stealing packages or poor service as this can bring a negative image to your brand. Always ensure that your employees, especially the ones directly dealing with customers are polite, dedicated, and meet the performance standards of your business.

Loyalty Programs

This is an effective technique to engage, retain and connect on a deeper level with your users. These programs can consist of first-time discounts, special offers, reward referrals, and award points. Loyalty programs have numerous benefits including receiving new customers, enhancing brand reputation, and boosting profits.

Ratings And Feedbacks

Ratings and feedback of the services you offer is the most effective method to evaluate if your business is successful. The same strategy applies to the app, using star ratings and offering various feedback style options so users can easily and quickly provide you with information on what they love about your app and service. When it comes to feedback, you could provide them with options because if you ask them to type it in, chances are they won’t do it.

Keep It Simple Yet Functional

The last thing you want is a user getting lost in your app for all the wrong reasons. Design the user interface keeping in mind the target audience, levels of interaction, navigation, objectives of the app, and most importantly the user’s experience right from when they open the app till they rate the delivery. Keep everything simple yet functional to enhance the overall user experience on your app.